American oyster catcher roams the East Coast – Virgin pilot

Cindy Hamilton photographed banding American oyster An adult with a chick on Cedar Island near Wachapreague on the eastern shore. “Birds have been linked for centuries to help determine migration patterns, determine bird ranges, and study bird longevity and behavior,” Hamilton wrote.

Ray Trenchant gets an adorable close-up of mom Osprey And the last of her three children to nest in Kill Devil Hills in Outer Banks, North Carolina. “Osprey’s mom knows when it’s time to encourage the baby to go,” Tranchant wrote.

Send Denny a picture cup common moon On Owl’s Creek in Virginia Beach.

Connie Owen sent a picture Rudy Turnstone On the shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Cape Charles on the East Shore. Ruddy Turnstones are shore birds that stand out with their bright orange legs and black and white head and chest.

Robert Rhodes got this early morning sunrise photo with a brown pelican Kayaking on the Nansmond River in Suffolk’s Bennett Creek.

Joe DiJeronimo A . photos Great Blue Egret She was also flying over the Chesapeake Bay at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach.

Rich Thisfield snapped this great blue heron in front of the camera as she went out for a morning meal at the Alligator National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina.

Laura Joksaite owns a nursery The Yellow Night Heron crowns In a tree in her backyard in the Robinhood Forest in Virginia Beach. “I’ve noticed a very large number of baby herons,” Joxite wrote. “…four in one nest.”

Mike Werich sent a picture of the elusive railway clapper At Pleasure House Point in Virginia Beach.

A photo was taken by Michelle Thompson Woodpecker pleated In her backyard in Etheridge Lakes, Chesapeake.

Marina Liakouras was lucky to see a woodpecker arching on a tree in Norfolk’s Chelsea neighborhood while walking the dog. “Very special,” Liacouras wrote.

Jin Houji has a lot of young people house birds In the yard of her home in the Indian River area of ​​Chesapeake. “It’s so much fun watching them try to land on the feeders,” Huge wrote. “They are flying from every direction with many close collisions.”

Harold Weiner happened to open a bluebird chest as the second nesting for bluebirds She was hatching, and a 4-day-old photo was taken of her. “Mama’s bluebird is very good at cleaning the nest,” Weiner wrote.

Alvin Wall sent pictures of a bluebird preparing for its first flight in Virginia Beach’s Larkspur neighborhood.

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Jonathan Snyder sent a photo of Carolina Rain Feed A Brown-headed cow bird in the Sawyers Mill neighborhood in Chesapeake. Brown-headed cows often lay their eggs in the nests of other bird species. The other species then feed the new chicks of the brown-headed cowbird,” Snyder wrote. “This is called nest parasitism.”

Benjamin Gerber got a great photo of the rabbit In his front yard in the Chesapeake West Branch neighborhood.

Lewis Cobb A . photos fawn In Bertrand on the North Neck. Cobb wrote: “The mother was frightened and ran into the woods while the antelope roamed in the grass and did not move.”

Robin Porsche caught raccoon Attempting to steal bird seed from a feeder in Portsmouth’s Park Manor neighborhood.

Beckie Webster sent photos of gray fox who snuck into her side yard at the north end of Virginia Beach while she was cooking sausages on the grill. “I think he wanted one of those delicious Costco hot dogs!” Webster Books.

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