An NFL Insider Poll ranks Galen Hurts with Carson Wentz as the 20th Greatest Midfielder in the NFL

Where does Galen Hurts rank among the NFL Junior quarterbacks?

Well, it depends on who you ask.

in case if Sports Mike Sandow Polled 50 league insiders (including general managers, coaches, coordinators, scouts, etc.)Quarterback levelsHurts is ranked 20th. He shares this spot with his predecessor… Carson Wentz.


Hurts and Wentz were cast as “Level 3” quarterbacks. Here’s how to define it in this context:

The level 3 quarterback is a legitimate starter but needs a heavier running game and/or a defensive element to win. The low volume pass pass offense fits him better.

It is difficult to argue with this classification. The Eagles passed the ball less than any other team in the NFL last year. The Colts were fifth-to-last in passing percentage with Jonathan Taylor doing a lot of the heavy lifting.

It’s also hard to argue with Hurts’ writing as a whole. Insiders summed it up well.

Hurts jumped 10 places from last season, the biggest annual gain (Burrow went up nine places). Some of that is because Hurts debuted at a very low level as a player with little experience and mediocre pedigree, but voters are also fans of Hurts for his style of game despite seeing the limitations that most feel would prevent Hurts from ascending to level 2.

“He’s a poor guy from Baltimore (Jackson) because he can’t run that fast, but he’s very serious about his job, and he’s strong both physically and mentally,” said an offensive coach. “He will play very consistent. He just won’t be a good enough passer over time to get out of the treble.”

Trouble awaits Philadelphia if Hurts remains the start.

“Their crew did a brilliant job adjusting the offense to fit the hurt,” said a defensive coach. “It’s very rare to have sustained success running a college-style offense with a limited number of passers-by. You’re on a path where you’re going to recreate a Baltimore offensive or Hurts will prove to you that they can play in a pro attack or you’re going to get a new quarterback.”

Two of the head coaches thought Hurts could ascend to level 2.

“Galen is number 3 with an arrow maybe to 2,” said one of the head coaches. “I love the guy. We couldn’t take him to the same height that Philly did, but if he had fallen, we would have certainly been interested. I like that he wants to be really good, and I thought he was playing good football last year.”

The idea at Hurts is that he’s doing an excellent job of effectively managing an attack that Eagles coaching staff has tailored to his strengths, and that he’ll need to grow exponentially as a lane to fight Philly.

“If a guy can’t stand there and win third with his arm, you don’t stand a chance,” said one of the offensive coordinators.

Hurts is currently seen as a high floor and low ceiling starter. While there is some optimism he could improve, no one seems to think they have a chance of jumping to the special Level 1 . Serious questions remain about his ability to pass. must do Important Great strides in this area this season. There is no good excuse for him not to think about the support the Vultures surrounded.

In addition to keeping company with Wentz, here are other Hurts quarterbacks who share a layer with: Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo, Ryan Tannehill, Mac Jones, Baker Mayfield, Jared Goff, Trevor Lawrence and Jameis Winston. These are the quarterbacks that you pretty much “win because” rather than “win because”.

The Eagles are hoping to see Horts improve after this class.


NFL insiders ranked Jalen Hurts the 20th best QB. Too high, too low, right?