Blockchain will be taught in the classroom in 3-5 years

Colin Miles, the newly appointed CEO of TZ APAC, anticipates that blockchain and web 3.0 curricula will begin to become an integral part of secondary and university education over the next three to five years. “I think it’s this classic mid-range, three-to-five schedule,” said Miles. Miles was speaking to Cointelegraph after the announcement of the … Read more

The Smile builds an alternate universe radio head with attention-grabbing light

59 seconds in “The Same”, the first track of the smileDebut version Attention-grabbing lightThom Yorke’s unmistakable voice begins singing about “how we’re all the same” over a sci-fi beat of piano, acoustic guitar, and analog synthesizers. There’s no easy release from the song’s slow dread tension, and it quickly raises an important question: How could … Read more

Netflix Culture Note Update: New Sections to Fight Censorship and Spending

Netflix She likes to promote her culture of avoiding rules and minimizing institutional red tape. But of course, the company has operating instructions, which are detailed in the Netflix Culture document posted on its website. founding partner Reed Hastings even wrote a book for 2020 expands in principlestitled “There are no rules: Netflix and the … Read more

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Five SFF books about warring families

Ah, family feuds. Perhaps the biggest source of conflict since the dawn of history, for a bit of drama about it, but who doesn’t love a little in-fighting that increases the responsibility of defending your blood ties? I wrote a book inspired by the works of Romeo and Juliet about the animosity between two warring … Read more

Ernie Barnes’ “Sugar Shack” fetches a big auction price

Ernie BarnesThe most famous painting,”The Sugar Shack“A cheerful dance scene was shown on Marvin Gaye album cover “I Want You” And during the closing credits of the TV sitcom “Good Times,” it sold for a whopping $15.3 million at Christie’s 20th Century Auction Thursday night to an energy dealer. Bill Perkins. It was 76 times … Read more

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Want to take a hit on Crosby’s head? stand in line

Pittsburgh Penguins coach Mike Sullivan routinely refers to Sidney Crosby as Jill’s talent while speaking with reporters. It would be the first time someone disagreed. Good luck arguing with three Stanley Cups, two Olympic golds, and so many individual awards and honors that Crosby might have had an addition on his house to stock them … Read more

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Wes Miller is getting ready for season two with the Bearkats

a year ago, Wes Miller He admitted that he was in an “absolute whirlwind,” and felt as if he was figuratively trying to drink water from a powerful fire hose. Everything was quickly approaching him. A year later, Miller, entering his second season as a men’s basketball coach at the University of Cincinnati, began taking … Read more