Nine worrying signs about the economy

Subscribe to Derek’s newsletter here. The US economy is not looking good right now. US GDP contracted last quarter, despite strong performance from US consumers. Inflation is high Markets are down Personal savings and wages are showing some worrying statistical signs. Is the US headed for a recession in 2022? I don’t know for sure. … Read more

Strategist says market may become ‘miserable hope’

LONDON – Investors looking for value in the stock market during an ongoing downturn may be “tricking themselves,” according to Sean Corrigan, director of Cantillon Consulting. Concerns that central banks will have to raise interest rates aggressively to curb inflation – at the risk of crushing growth as the global economy suffers simultaneous blows from … Read more

Latest earnings, stocks and business news: Live updates

Elon Musk’s tweets on Friday fueled mounting speculation that he might back out of the…John Rowe/The Associated Press In the latest bombshell in the Twitter takeover drama, Elon Musk Tweet this morning that his $44 billion bid was “temporarily on hold” until he could verify the company’s estimate that fake accounts and spam on … Read more

Global Prefilled Pharmaceutical Kits & Trays Market Report 2022: Market Reach $36.6 Billion by 2026 – Focus on Waste Reduction Drives Manufacturers to Reformulate Kits

Dublin, May 13, 2022– (work wire)–The Prepackaged Medical Kits & Trays – Global Market Path & Analytics Report added to an offer. The global market for prepackaged medical trays and kits will reach $36.6 billion by 2026 The global market for prefilled medical kits and trays of USD 26.8 billion in 2022 is expected … Read more

Gas Prices: What is the impact of Biden’s cancellation of oil and gas sales in Alaska?

Gasoline prices hit the US New record Thursday – same day Biden administration Three oil and gas lease sales canceled. Republican lawmakers are pointing to rising fuel costs as a rationale for selling more leases to explore on federal lands, with some criticizing President Biden’s decision as harming America’s energy independence. Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy … Read more

This Portfolio Manager Strategy Uses Only One ETF and Its “Collapse Index” to Beat the Market 530%

Markets are pointing higher on Friday, but it was a tough few days, as the S&P 500 faced a six-week streak of losses, the longest in a decade. With war raging in Europe, prices skyrocketing everywhere, and uncertainty about what central banks can do about it, investors may not be getting this traditional lazy and … Read more

Mortgage and Refinancing Rates Today: May 13, 2022

The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rate rose again this week, to 5.3%, according to Freddy Mac. Although rates are expected to continue rising, there are indications that they may not rise as quickly as in previous months. In April, mortgage rates rose at a slower pace than they did in March. If you are planning … Read more

How to find the best stocks in a bad market using the strategy of legendary investor Geraldine Weiss

Geraldine Weiss, founding editor of the prestigious Investment Quality Trends newsletter, passed away on April 25 at the age of 96. I will let others chronicle her wonderful career, other than noting that she overcame obstacles that most of us cannot imagine today. Sexism was so pervasive when she started her newsletter in the 1960s … Read more