The International Monetary Fund cuts its global GDP forecast as bleak economic prospects grow

The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday lowered its global growth forecasts for 2022 and 2023, calling the global economic outlook “bleak and uncertain”. The International Monetary Fund now expects the global economy to grow 3.2% this year, before slowing further to 2.9% in the rate of GDP in 2023. The revisions point to rating downgrades … Read more

Group warns of recession here, energy prices, two-day Fed meeting and more: Tuesday 5 things to know

Check out what’s clicked on Here are five main things It could affect trading on Thursday. Nice slack here: Schork Group Director Stephen Schork on Monday warned the United States suffers from ‘moderate stagnation’ The “pull force” in energy prices will be greater as deflation intensifies. On Monday, Schork noted that “we know we … Read more

Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve are still struggling to understand the crazy economy that has been hit by the pandemic and war

In terms of news related to the economy and inflation, this is an important week. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Jerome Powell and his Fed colleagues will hold a two-day meeting, in which they are expected to raise the federal funds rate by another three-quarters of a percentage point. On Thursday, the Commerce Department will release … Read more

Walmart issues earnings warning as high inflation hits customers

Walmart issued its second earnings warning in 10 weeks, signaling a further deterioration in the US retail environment as inflation bites the price-sensitive consumers on which the world’s largest retailer depends. “Increasing levels of food and fuel inflation are affecting how customers spend,” said Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart. He said the company had made … Read more

Elizabeth Warren accuses Fed chief of fomenting ‘devastating recession’

With the Federal Reserve widely expected to raise interest rates again at its policy meeting later this week, Senator Elizabeth Warren has taken to the pages of The Wall Street Journal on Sunday to warn that the central bank’s approach to tackling inflation “risks creating a devastating recession” without directly addressing many of the main … Read more

Soft Landing RIP – The Big Picture

The first half of this year, strongly refused to join Recessionista Club. I couldn’t believe we were already in a recession, and I was hoping that the moderate Fed would gradually raise interest rates to stifle inflation in carrying out such a soft landing. not longer. I Mentioned by Tom Keene Last week, Nick Temeraus … Read more