Kudlow: We are in the midst of an inflationary emergency

FOX Business host calls out president about high inflation on ‘Kudlow’. You might think with yesterday’s CPI up 8.3%, with a 30% jump in energy, and today’s PPI up 11%, with a 40% jump in energy, the Biden administration’s policy makers would support more oil and gas supplies. right? no. you are wrong. Instead, the … Read more

opinion | Inflation conspiracy theory afflicts the Democratic Party

Placeholder while loading article actions The conspiracy theory was infecting the Democratic Party, its progressive base, and even the White House. It’s not self-sabotage quite like horse worm covid treatment A false theory that swept many Republicans last year, but one that is nonetheless very harmful. He called it “greed hypertrophy”. The theory goes something … Read more

Corona Virus Committee: Meat companies lied about impending shortages and put workers at risk

“The Select Subcommittee’s investigation revealed that former President Trump’s political appointees at the USDA teamed up with large meatpackers to lead a department-wide effort to compel workers to remain in their jobs during the coronavirus crisis despite dangerous conditions, and even to prevent the imposition of reasonable mitigation measures. ,” the committee chair, U.S. Representative … Read more

The 2008-style cryptocurrency crash could affect real markets

Cryptocurrency started in 2009 with Ideal dreams for a new economy Built on libertarian principles and liberation from the fiat currency system that has just collapsed. But in 2022, cryptocurrency trading has become It’s all about the dollars. And the 2008 financial crisis has just been repeated in absurd microcosm. In the lead-up to the … Read more

Social Security checks may jump 8.6%, the largest increase since 1981, experts say

Seniors and other people who depend on Social Security benefits could see next year the biggest cost-of-living adjustment since 1981, with an advocacy group for Older Americans anticipation A rise of 8.6%. The typical monthly salary for Social Security is about $1,658, which means recipients could see an increase of $142.60 a month in early … Read more

Not all recessions are the same. Here’s what could happen to the economy and markets

Most agree that a recession could begin to take shape in the US over the next few months. The question is what form this recession will take. Recessions and booms come in as varied shapes and sizes as the alphabet. Perhaps that is why economists have come up with letter names for different types of … Read more

Senate approves Jerome Powell for a second term as Fed Chair

Quill Intelligence LLC. CEO Daniel DiMartino Booth comments on record high inflation and the effect on real wages. The Senate Confirmed by an overwhelming majority Jerome Powell For a second term as Chairman of the Board of Directors Federal Reserve Thursday, a move that comes at an uncertain time for the US central bank as … Read more

The G7 discusses measures to break the Russian embargo on Ukraine’s grain exports | st 7

The G7 foreign and agriculture ministers at meetings in Germany will discuss urgent measures to break the Russian blockade of grain exports from Ukraine’s ports, including an attempt to open routes through Romanian and Baltic ports. The grain export ban has quickly become one of Ukraine’s most pressing diplomatic and humanitarian crises. Joe Biden said … Read more

Russian gas: Europe is running out of time to find alternatives

Just 24 hours after Ukraine reduced the flow of natural gas through its territory to Europe, blaming interference by Russian forces, Gazprom suspended supplies through the Yamal-Europe pipeline that runs through Poland, and stopped sending gas to a distributor in Germany. While the affected quantities are small, in total they represent only a small percentage … Read more

The US bailout of Biden has exacerbated inflation

With President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda stalled in Congress, the US bailout – the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill passed by Democrats in March 2021 – may represent his biggest achievement. But did it contribute to the current inflationary chaos in the country? The massive spending law that included Checks worth $1400 Everyone in the family, … Read more