Ernie Barnes’ “Sugar Shack” fetches a big auction price

Ernie BarnesThe most famous painting,”The Sugar Shack“A cheerful dance scene was shown on Marvin Gaye album cover “I Want You” And during the closing credits of the TV sitcom “Good Times,” it sold for a whopping $15.3 million at Christie’s 20th Century Auction Thursday night to an energy dealer. Bill Perkins. It was 76 times … Read more

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NFTs started the “Renaissance of Digital Art”. It’s not over yet

Digital art was born in the 1960s, but the 1920s will certainly decline as the era in which the medium emerged, turning the art industry upside down in the process. technology, in the form of non-replaceable tokens (NFTs) Like Kryptoponics, played a major role in disrupting the dynamics of the traditional art market. Online marketplaces … Read more

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Staunton Jams to return to Memorial Day weekend after a four-year hiatus

STAUNTON – Molly Murphy is making a list of all the sponsors she and other bandmates have gathered for the upcoming band and arts festival that will take place this Memorial Day weekend. She sorts through all the details, schedules and takes notes while her bandmate, William Howard, informs her about other sponsors who have … Read more

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Dennis Hopper photo taken in Los Angeles

The image is pure cacophony, the epitome of Los Angeles as thorny streets, the motorized city with augmented information. At a multi-directional intersection, traffic lights and directional signs flock to attract attention. A billboard proclaims, “Smart women cook with gas in balanced energy homes.” A pedestrian stands at the crosswalk as a ’61 Chevy Impala … Read more

Why UTD’s plan for a $158 million arts center is a bit out of step right now

When an art historian, museum director, critic, fundraiser and overall cultural producer Rick Brittle He passed away in 2020, leaving behind plans for two foundations. The first was to be a Texas Art MuseumA project that unfortunately collapsed after his death. The second is what he called “Atheneum”, a center for cultural scholarship that will … Read more

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A unique American painter and his perpetually neglected wife

Hartford, Connecticut – There has always been a certain amount of fluidity in our appreciation of American modernist dissident Milton Avery (1885-1965). And this is not only because of the light, airy and boldly simplified semi-abstract paintings of sand, sea and sky that characterized his last decade. Avery was not technically affiliated, nor was he … Read more

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These photos explore what it feels like to live in a foreign body

Just a width wide enough to bear the weight is the width of the group that stretches across the abyss from the last “ The camera is an insightful tool for exploration, and portraiture is a revealing medium that sheds light on the subject as well as the photographer and his perspective on the world. … Read more