Party Time: 7 Birthday Books | Milestones

The most important day on any child’s calendar is their birthday, and it’s no wonder. Gifts, cakes, family and friends are just some of the items that make every birthday the best day ever! These 7 nicknames are perfect as gifts for the kid of the hour or in anticipation of the big day. The … Read more

15 Poetry Books for Seely’s Next Challenge

This content contains affiliate links. When you buy through these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. August is just around the corner. How do we enjoy energy during the last and hottest months of summer? More hair of course! every year, Seely’s Challenge We came to make sure that we don’t lose sight of … Read more

The Lafayette Public Librarian almost shot the book show

A Lafayette Public Library employee survived an attempt by library board members to fire her on Monday. But the council voted to make efforts to discipline her next month. North Regional Library branch manager Kara Chance was accused of an “undisputed act of disobedience” by Board Chairman Robert Judge at a meeting Monday before a … Read more

These are the three winners of the Ohio Book Award from Cincinnati

Ohio Library recently announced 2022 Ohio Book Awards Winnersand three of the seven recipients are from Cincinnati. Felicia Zamora won the award for her book I Always Carry My Bones, and Jasmine Warga received an honor for The Shape of Thunder. The library also honored Manuel Ayres for “The Parting Present / Lo Que Se … Read more

Why are there so many books and shows about cannibalism?

A photo has reached Chelsea J. Summers: A friend, accidentally hit by a car, some quick work with a key and his liver served Tuscan style, on toast. It is this weaving of her twisted imagination that prompted Mrs. Summers to write her novel,”specific hungerAbout a restaurant critic who tastes human (male) flesh. It turns … Read more

Who is wellness? By Fariha Rosen’s book review

Comment on this story Suspension Wellness is something we all want – to be healthy, even when the world around us is crumbling. But like shows like “The White Lotus” and “Nine Perfect Strangers” Show that wellness has become a commodity, geared towards the wealthy, white and bodied, who pursue shiatsu and savasana. Their way … Read more