what do you know before mr. morale up

Many Kendrick Lamar Enthusiasts will wait for the clock to strike midnight to first hear his highly anticipated sound “Mr. Moral and the Big Steppers” album. The Compton-born rapper’s fifth album (Out Friday) was mostly on roll, with hardcover released just over 24 hours prior to release (Insinuating that he might be a father of … Read more

7 Favorite Things of Rob Thomas 2022

7 Items in this article 3 Items for sale! Image caption: The Strategist. photo courtesy If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably wondered what celebrities add to their carts. Not a JAR brooch and a Louis XV chair but hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked musician Rob Thomas about an adult Peanut ButterThe … Read more

Review: Rolling Stones ‘Live at the El Mocambo’

For 45 years, it has been rolling stones” I love you live It was one of rock’s greatest thrills. About 75 percent of the double LP was recorded in arenas and stadiums during the band’s 1976 tour, and deliveries were brief but rarely exhilarating or necessary to musical war horses and deep cuts. But far … Read more

Bad shots, funny meme: The new trend of party recording on 3DS

Some of the shots in this post include flash images. We totally understand if you’re not ready to step back into the world, but you might be missing out on a weird trend at your favorite artists’ parties. It’s becoming more and more likely that someone, right up front, is going to capture a moment … Read more

Superwolves Matt Sweeney and Emmett Kelly Guitar Rig Rundown

A pair of unique pickups show the slim settings that spin, snarl, And Talk! Matt Sweeney You don’t want to be dazzled with a rock guitar. This is boring. That’s lazy. At least for him. he wants fascinate you. “Really, that’s the point of music: to take people’s minds off anything and put them to … Read more

Black Mouse and Danger Cheat Code Album Announcement

After a quarter century of albums with The Roots, Black Thought expanded to a solo catalog in 2018. That year, he released not one but two projects. the first, Streams of Thought, Vol. 1Produced by 9th Wonder. Grammy Award winning Slam Remy handled the chimes on the second volume. In 2020, Tarek Trotter followed him … Read more