Three-agency audit reveals problems in managing Mind Springs

Mind Springs Health in Grand Junction in March 2022. An unprecedented review by three government agencies recently released of Mind Springs revealed a number of issues with management issues.Mackenzie Lang / A change in the leadership and management structure should address the troubling issues surrounding Mind Springs Health, according to an unprecedented review by three … Read more

Intestinal health benefits of drinking shea milk

Frequent stomach upsets, gas, and bloating are more likely to be caused by poor gut health. It has been widely reported that processed and sugary foods can cause IBD, leading to those unpleasant symptoms. But even dairy products can be difficult to digest if the enzyme lactase in the small intestine is unable to fully … Read more

New network analysis technique can pinpoint regions of the brain that arise from seizures in minutes

New technologies to aid in seizure diagnosis and surgical planning will benefit millions of epilepsy patients, but the path to progress has been slow and difficult. New research from Carnegie Mellon University, Ben He and his team, in partnership with UPMC and Harvard Medical School, presents a new network analysis technique that uses minimally invasive … Read more

Corona virus in China: what next?

How China has boxed itself into an unsustainable strategy to control COVID-19, and the prospects for change are slim. Shun Yuan reports. More than two years after China ended its unprecedented lockdown in Wuhan as the first COVID-19 outbreak paralyzed the central Chinese city, the Chinese government is still adamant about sticking to its COVID-free … Read more

Wysa Gets FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for AI-Led Mental Health Conversational Worker

New peer-reviewed studies have proven its effectiveness in managing chronic pain, depression, and anxiety Boston, 12 May 2022– (work wireWysa, the leading digital companion to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for behavioral health, announces that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has awarded an innovative device dedicated to an AI-based digital mental health conversational agent for … Read more

How should parents who cannot find formula feed their children?

Parents across the United States struggle to find infant formula, spending hours driving to local stores and scouring shelves in search of nutrition for their children. Millions of babies rely on formula, and more than 40% of the most popular brands Sold out in stores across the countryaccording to a grocery inventory analysis from Datasembly. … Read more

‘Makes it too difficult’: Mental health worker shortage continues as need grows

Pittsboro, NC (WTVD) – When the school year began, Dr. Karen Barbie knew she was going to be busy. Barbee operates Renaissance Wellness Services, which primarily provides mental health services in public schools. “I remember warning my staff at the beginning of the school year in August that we would see an increase in services, … Read more

Graduated Principal Investigator Sets His Eye on the Medical Profession

Graduated Principal Investigator Amaya Gregory holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. While the last few years of college haven’t been easy due to the pandemic, Amaya Gregory, a Cal State Graduate Fullerton Chair Scholar, has spent nearly 400 hours serving her community — excelling in academics and as a student leader. She also found … Read more