Wysa Gets FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for AI-Led Mental Health Conversational Worker

New peer-reviewed studies have proven its effectiveness in managing chronic pain, depression, and anxiety Boston, 12 May 2022– (work wireWysa, the leading digital companion to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for behavioral health, announces that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has awarded an innovative device dedicated to an AI-based digital mental health conversational agent for … Read more

‘Makes it too difficult’: Mental health worker shortage continues as need grows

Pittsboro, NC (WTVD) – When the school year began, Dr. Karen Barbie knew she was going to be busy. Barbee operates Renaissance Wellness Services, which primarily provides mental health services in public schools. “I remember warning my staff at the beginning of the school year in August that we would see an increase in services, … Read more

How to maximize the mental health benefits of cycling

Happy Mental Health Awareness Week, I am very aware of my mental health. I make this horrible, frankly dad joke every year this week (9 May to 15 May 2022, in the UK), where we are asked to think about ourselves and the mental health of our peers. A perfect time to think about doing … Read more

This Mental Health Awareness Month, we must make the Black and Hispanic communities a priority

Most Americans are frustrated with this country’s mental health care system, despite the historical belief that the COVID pandemic pushed to the fore more than two years ago. In response, the Biden administration began implementing a A strategy to transform mental health services For all Americans, including A national tour by the Secretary of Health … Read more

Running to the Top: Exercise and Mental Health

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! We’ve likely received this advice or know others who have received this advice over and over again…to eat healthy and, most importantly, to exercise. While exercise is not necessarily the panacea for the world’s infections and diseases, it does play an important role in supporting and maintaining … Read more

The right way to integrate digital mental health services

The right way to integrate digital mental health services Getty Images In his state of the union TitlePresident Biden pledged to help “obtain the mental health services that all Americans need.” The president confirmed what many employers already know: America’s mental health crisis has taken on new urgency as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to raise … Read more

Is forced mental health treatment, not housing, the way to solve homelessness in places like Orange County?

While many advocates for homeless people have long argued that “housing first” is the real solution to the deepening crisis, state officials are instead looking to impose mental health treatment on residents, with housing somewhat taken a back seat. In early March, Governor Gavin Newsom proposed a plan to bring homeless people with schizophrenia and … Read more

Cryptography addiction: a very online mental health risk

Sabrina Byrne first bought bitcoin in January and quickly became hooked. Soon, the 26-year-old was canceling social plans and going until 5 a.m. to compulsively check cryptocurrency apps, an average of 100 times a day. “It was keeping me from sleeping, affecting my work and controlling my whole life,” said the data analyst from England. … Read more