A diet rich in carotenoids may boost women’s health

Researchers reviewed studies looking at the effects of carotenoids on women’s health outcomes. They found that a higher intake of carotene may reduce the risk of developing multiple health conditions. They concluded that given the high potential for help and low potential for harm, approaches that target carotenoid intake in women may be beneficial. Although … Read more

How to lose weight and maintain it

Lose weight it’s hard. Preventing it, according to the data, appears nearly impossible. Unfortunately, studies Show that most of us will be back to weight within two years, and by five YearsAlmost all of that could come back. On top of that, many people gain more weight than they lose. Although these statistics are discouraging, … Read more

5 worst foods for your kidneys – eat this and not that

The the kidneys They are the human body’s warriors: balancing fluids, electrolytes, and solutes to filter water and waste products from our blood to produce about 1,500 milliliters (50 fluid ounces) of urine per day. This is handled by a million functioning units in each kidney called the ‘nephrons’ which include the tubes, limbs and … Read more

Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods – Poosh

A prolific poet once said,The years begin to appear and do not stop coming. Simple. Elegant. Wise. Aging is inevitable, but it is also a privilege. With so many parts of modern life accelerating the signs of aging, here we are trying to do everything we can to age safely and in good health. One … Read more