Intestinal health benefits of drinking shea milk

Frequent stomach upsets, gas, and bloating are more likely to be caused by poor gut health. It has been widely reported that processed and sugary foods can cause IBD, leading to those unpleasant symptoms. But even dairy products can be difficult to digest if the enzyme lactase in the small intestine is unable to fully … Read more

The association of coffee with high cholesterol depends on the gender of the drinker as well as the brewing method

New research suggests that brewing method and drinker gender may be important for linking coffee to high cholesterol. The greatest difference between the sexes is observed in espresso; Narrower for plunger coffee (cafetière). Drinker gender, as well as brewing method, may be key to linking coffee to high cholesterol, a known risk factor for heart … Read more

The 6 Worst Oils for Cooking and What Should You Use Instead?

What makes some oils dangerous when cooking? Most people use cooking oils Regularly in all kinds of dishes, but did you know that some oils are harmful to your health when heated? Determining the healthiest cooking oil depends on the type of cooking you’re doing. The smoke point of an oil is “the point at … Read more

4 Delicious Theanine Teas to Boost Your Mood

FSnake sluggish all day or just good old funk? Regardless, it doesn’t make sense to say we did everyone I was there. Well, according to scientific reseachA refreshing cup of tea can help get your mental state and energy levels back on track. Scientifically proven to help boost your mood And get rid of the … Read more

10 Drinking Habits That Could Dramatically Change Your Weight-Loss Efforts, Nutritionists Say – Don’t Eat This

Consider this: Of the 2,115 calories an average adult consumes daily, 18% (or 385 calories) come from drinks, according to USDA. Sugary drinks account for the bulk of our daily intake of added sugars. This means that your drinking habits can easily influence your weight loss efforts, making losing weight more difficult or easier, depending … Read more

This Surprising Habit Keeping People Thin Longer – Don’t Eat This

The current life expectancy in the United States is 77 years, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Compared to other countries, especially those that live in blue areasAmericans don’t live very long. For example, life expectancy in Japan is 85 years, according to World Bank. One of the main factors that can extend … Read more

Is protein good for weight loss?

While losing weight isn’t always the goal when it comes to leading a balanced lifestyle, making a few changes to your diet can be a helpful way to lose weight healthily. But instead of following a scandalous diet, why not follow the science? In that case, could eating more protein be beneficial for weight loss? … Read more