British wine wholesaler ‘leaves Brexit forever’ via paperwork | Britain’s exit from the European Union

British wine wholesaler criticized last year Britain’s exit from the European Union As the biggest threat to his business in 30 years, he decided to leave the UK after post-Brexit papers created a £150,000 revenue hole. Daniel Lambert, who supplies Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and 300 independent retailers, is moving to Montpellier in France later … Read more

Russia says it will leave the International Space Station after 2024

The new head of the Russian Space Agency announced on Tuesday that Russia will leave the International Space Station after the end of its current commitment at the end of 2024. “The decision was made to leave the station after 2024,” said Yuri Borisov, who was appointed this month to manage Roscosmos, the state-controlled company … Read more

Underdog Reds in Piedmont: 5 original grapes that aren’t Nebiolo

celebrate OrganizerAnd the worthy of age py with nebulo-Think Barolo And the Barbaresco—Fun and delicious BarberasAnd the Piedmont The brilliant reds of other little-known local grapes (some nearly extinct) also turn out to be full of character. Made from original grapes RocherBellaverga, Frisa, Grignolino and Vespolina, a few of these graceful reds have genetic ties … Read more

The United States will plant a billion trees because climate change is killing forests

Billings, Mont. The Biden administration said Monday that the government will plant more than a billion trees across millions of acres of burnt and dead forests in the western United States, as officials struggle to cope with mounting losses in the country’s forests. from wildfires, insects and other manifestations of climate change. devastating fires In … Read more

Bioprotein creates two-dimensional stretchable materials

Credit: Porco Dorson, Pennsylvania Nature creates layered materials like bone and mother-of-pearl that become less sensitive to imperfections as they grow. Using biomimetic proteins engraved on squid ring teeth, the researchers have now created two-dimensional composites that are both fracture-resistant and highly stretchable. “Researchers have rarely reported this interface property of bone and nacre because … Read more

Researchers have found a link between genetic mutations and resistance to cancer treatment

researchers from Rogel Cancer Center at the University of MichiganBy studying the molecular landscape of more than 500 patients with an aggressive form of multiple myeloma, he discovered the prevalence of active major cancer pathways in these patients, far more than previously thought. over 45-65% of the NF-κB and RAS/MAPK pathways each have modifications. The … Read more

Student illustrations bring wildlife book to life

When veterinary student Laura Donoghue learned that Cortland Seafood had whole, fresh fish available, she quickly claimed a few perch and went home to dissect them on her kitchen table. What resulted — perch organs, scales and tiny bones lined up in trash bags and plastic wrap — might have been a harrowing sight for … Read more

The fossil of the ‘oldest predator’ is named after David Attenborough | David Attenborough

A hundred years from now, Sir David Attenborough’s body may have turned to dust, but a fossilized sea creature, believed to be Earth’s oldest predator, will continue to bear its name. Discovered in Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire, where Attenborough was looking for fossils as a child, this creature predates what was previously thought to be the … Read more