Agency unanimously rejects California desalination project

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (AP) – A California coastal commission on Wednesday rejected a long-running proposal to build a $1.4 billion seawater desalination plant to turn Pacific Ocean water into drinking water as the state grapples with an ongoing drought that is expected to worsen in the coming years. with climate change. The state’s coastal commission … Read more

Gene found in tuberculosis bacteria essential for iron secretion and virulence – News

This finding validates iron secretion as a drug target in tuberculosis and reveals a novel mechanism for putative drugs. Many tuberculosis bacteria are highly resistant to many antibiotics. Michael Niederweis, left, and Lei ZhangLi Zhang, Ph.D., and Michael Niederois, Ph.D., from The University of Alabama at Birmingham They have taken what they call a “major … Read more

Most of the Great Barrier Reef coral studied this year has been bleached

CANBERRA, Australia – More than 90 percent of the Great Barrier Reef’s corals surveyed this year have been bleached in the fourth such mass event in seven years in the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem, Australian government scientists said. Bleaching caused by global warmingbut this is the first coral bleaching event during the La NiƱa … Read more

“Just a normal kid who goes to a different school”: 13-year-old U student gets a physics degree

First things first: Elliot Tanner is an amazing 13-year-old boy. On Thursday, he graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in physics, and is among the youngest college graduates in American history. The graduate program there will begin in the fall. After receiving his Ph.D., he wants to become a high-energy theoretical … Read more

Fish and Humans: A New Approach to the Bloom Decade

Image: Fluorescent microscopy images of healthy testes (left) and mutant plume (right). Cell nuclei are shown in blue, and the main reproductive cell mitosis protein (Sycp3) is shown in yellow. In healthy testes, the protein is localized in the nucleus, where it can fulfill its role, while accumulating in spikes around the nucleus. The latter … Read more

We’re still learning about how trees grow

Coniferous forest in Northern California. Credit: Antoine Capone What will happen to the world’s forests in light of rising global temperatures? Will an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere help trees grow? Or will extreme fluctuations in temperature and precipitation hinder growth? It all depends on whether the tree’s growth is further restricted by … Read more

The study found that not everything is rosy for the pink bath

Mauritian pink pigeon. Credit: Mauritius Wildlife Foundation The authors of a major study of the once-threatened pink pigeon say that increasing the species’ numbers is not enough to save it from future extinction. In spite of Overpopulationthe team’s analysis shows that pink pigeons have a high genetic load of bad mutations, putting them at risk … Read more