Isotopic research shows the solar system is made of ‘a not-so-good mix of cake mix’

A skinny part of a meteorite underneath a microscope. Completely different colours characterize totally different minerals, as a result of mild travels by way of them in numerous methods. The spherical mineral aggregates are chondrocytes, and are a significant element of primitive meteorites. Credit score: Nicole Zeke Ni. Earth’s potassium reached by Meteorite Supply Service … Read more

Small, high-velocity bullets fired at a spacecraft could speed up travel to the stars: ScienceAlert

Right this moment, many area companies are cutting-edge propulsion concepts that might enable speedy switch to different our bodies within the photo voltaic system. They embrace NASA ideas of thermonuclear or electrical propulsion (NTP/NEP) that might allow transit instances to Mars in 100 days (and even 45) and a Chinese language nuclear-powered spacecraft that might … Read more

The International Space Station National Laboratory Annual Report 2022 highlights a successful year

In fiscal yr 2022 (FY22), the Worldwide House Station (ISS) Nationwide Laboratory made nice strides in its mission to return worth to the nation and allow a sustainable economic system in low Earth orbit. This yr’s successes are highlighted within the ISS Nationwide Laboratory’s Annual Report for Fiscal 12 months 22 (October 1, 2021 by … Read more

The Star of Methuselah does not disprove the Big Bang

The overwhelming majority of astronomers settle for the Huge Bang – the speculation that the universe started about 13.8 billion years in the past in a fiery cataclysm. Nonetheless, this concept shouldn’t be accepted by everybody. Some Huge Bang skeptics declare that the universe is about 6,000 years outdated, whereas others declare that the universe … Read more

This asteroid lasted for 4 billion years. That could be a big problem: ScienceAlert

An enormous quantity of rock and different materials flows round our photo voltaic system as asteroids and comets. If a kind of comes in the direction of us, can we efficiently forestall an asteroid collision with Earth? Nicely perhaps. However there seems to be one kind of asteroid that’s significantly onerous to destroy. Asteroids are … Read more

How our view of the universe can slowly fade away

Tony Santana Ross is an asteroid hunter. At dusk, after his last sightings of fiery clouds and flamingo daylight fade to black, he gazes up into the sky to observe area rocks swim alongside the gravitational tides of our photo voltaic system. Generally he sees shards crusing casually by the Earth, gently greeting the telescopes … Read more

Exploring cyber augmentation in the Star Trek universe

residence Motion pictures and TV Exploring cyber augmentation within the Star Trek universe What are the federations’ views on bionic implants, and why may they undermine the message of privilege? over time, Star Trek He grew to become recognized for creating a number of the best science fiction applied sciences. These marvels vary from teleportation … Read more