Aura Bora’s sparkling water returns to the planet

For those who are bored with drinking plain water or prefer to add bubbles without calories, sparkling water is a popular choice. But besides the bubbles, many sparkling waters offer nice flavors or artificial junk. Aura Bora founders Paul and Maddie Voge set out to change all that with their bold, natural and different flavor … Read more

Leveraging PlanetScope data to map and monitor the forests of the Czech Republic

The Forest Management Institute (FMI) is a governmental organization, established by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, which is responsible for implementing the National Forest Inventory. In 2018, FMI began working with Planet datasets to perform a comprehensive geospatial analysis and report on the devastating effects of a bark beetle epidemic on Czech … Read more

Mars sample return: Could life on the red planet contaminate Earth?

Conceptual drawing of a Mars sample retrieval lander. (Image credit: NASA) Returning robots to the original samples from the surface of Mars has been a sacred goal of Red Planet investigators for many years. During that time, return strategies Mars The collectibles ranged from “grab and go” acquisitions from the surface to collecting dust in … Read more

NASA discovers a fast-growing black hole – the ‘missing link’ linking the origins of the universe that were hiding in plain sight

It’s a question that has plagued astronomers for years: How did this happen? supermassive black holes, which could weigh billions of times the mass of the Sun, grow very, very fast? Now, scientists are closer than ever to an answer. NASA announced last week that a potential “missing link” between the universe’s first supermassive black … Read more