Russia says it will leave the International Space Station after 2024

The new head of the Russian Space Agency announced on Tuesday that Russia will leave the International Space Station after the end of its current commitment at the end of 2024. “The decision was made to leave the station after 2024,” said Yuri Borisov, who was appointed this month to manage Roscosmos, the state-controlled company … Read more

The world’s most sensitive dark matter detector has become online

Individual contributors have become less important in scientific fields as the discipline itself has matured. Some individuals still highlight their discoveries, such as Peter Higgs with the Higgs boson, who also theorized around the same time. However, the actual data that eventually awarded Dr. Higgs and Fran├žois Englert the Nobel Prize was collected by the … Read more

Scientific Spotlight: Volcanoes on Venus

By Leandra Xochitl Marshall, posted Jul 25, 2022 Venus. Image source: NASA. Venus is a terrestrial planet and the second planet from the sun, and is referred to as Earth’s “sister planet” due to its similar size, gravity, and mass composition. surface conditions Toxic clouds obscuring the surface of Venus. Image source: NASA. Surface conditions … Read more

Watch the ring of Saturn on a clear evening in mid-August

I was in downtown Fayetteville that day and noticed this new sculpture in front of the Art Center on High Street. I’m referring to the Saturn-like ones at the top. The 14-1/2-foot steel work is by artist Stephen Mike and is titled “Saturnian.” It is fitting that the work is being shown now because the … Read more