Everything you need to know about the 2022 EWS-E season

With less than three weeks left until the 2022 season opener at EWS-E Tweed Valley, it’s time to charge your batteries and get ready for what promises to be the most exciting year of racing yet. Here’s what you need to know. First round: EWS-E Tweed Valley We start the season right where we left … Read more

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Gleyber Torres Powers Yankees beat Blue Jays

Gleyber Torres sent a fast-jumping ball, started running toward first base and raised his right arm as a young boy in the first row of the right court picked up the ball on the fly. Torres followed his three-game green light to Homer with a two-round single and led the rookie Yankees over the Toronto … Read more

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Detroit Tiger fans deserve better. It’s time for change

Detroit – The last time I rushed to my laptop late at night to type a Detroit Tiger piece, it was because The team had just traded for Austin Meadows. Everyone was excited. Opening day was just around the corner and the miserable and long process of rebuilding was finally coming to an end. Or … Read more

Bowden: 5 MLB deals I’d like to see in May, including a Xander Bogaerts deal

MLB executives usually don’t start making deals early in the season. They prefer to spend the first two months evaluating their team and the next six weeks exploring and analyzing potential trade targets. After that, they like to do most of their business in the last two weeks of July, with plenty of activity on … Read more

Blue Jays make big transformations

Wendell Cruz USA Today Sports It’s a fun time to be a Blue Jays fan. (Well, despite Tuesday night’s loss to the Yankees.) Vladimir Guerrero Jr.‘s Giant home runs enjoyable, George Springer‘s diving fishing fun and Kevin Gussman‘s evil dividers enjoyable. Basically, the entire team is a blast to watch. To a casual fan, Toronto … Read more

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Joey Zanaboni continues to spread, but will it translate to the major leagues?

Even if you don’t know the name Joey ZanaboneYou’ve likely encountered one of his baseball calls on your Twitter feed. You may have heard of his voice calls during the Johnson City Cardinals Championship of the Appalachian League in 2019. Thus concludes the weirdest, funniest, weirdest, craziest, most beautiful epic of all Tweet embed Broadcasting … Read more

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