SpaceWERX explores machine learning for in-orbit service and manufacturing

written by Brandy Vincent 26 July 2022 | FEDSCOOP SpaceWERX, the innovation arm of SpaceWERX, has tapped Wallaroo Labs to explore and demonstrate how machine learning models can be deployed to enhance the multiple efforts associated with the in-orbit servicing, assembly and manufacturing missions of the newest US military branch. The company has been selected … Read more

The natural language processing market is booming all over the world

According to Quriyat Research experts, “My world natural language processing 2022 سوق Market Insights, Size, Participation, Growth, Opportunities, Emerging Trends, Forecasts to 2028.” The study is an anthology of in-depth research studies on many aspects of the global Natural Language Processing industry. It is a remarkable effort to present a true and transparent picture of … Read more

A woman-led AI firm enters Charles Schwab partnership as enthusiasm for automation grows

As the wealth management industry Continue to embrace AI solutions with open armsa female AI financial technology company founded by a woman and one of the biggest names in the business. cogncorethe California-based provider of AI-powered business learning and automation platform, has formally partnered with Charles Schwab to roll out its suite of solutions to … Read more

This AI saved hundreds of lives from sepsis in just five hospitals. Across the United States, thousands more could be saved

Credit: Pixabay. Artificial intelligence is touted as a disruptor and transformer for a wide range of industries, but perhaps there is no other field in which it provides more value than healthcare. After all, what is more valuable than a human life? Machine learning programs are now used in many hospitals to detect cancer and … Read more

Eric Schmidt believes that AI is as powerful as nuclear weapons

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt compared artificial intelligence to nuclear weapons and called for a deterrence system similar to Mutual Assured Destruction that prevents the world’s most powerful nations from destroying each other. Schmidt spoke about the risks of artificial intelligence at the Aspen Security Forum in Team on national security and artificial intelligence on … Read more

The proof is in the pudding for a deep instinct

Deep Instinct puts its deep learning (artificial intelligence) cybersecurity platform to the test … [+] Recruit Unit 221B to assess protection and validate their claims. GT Marketing for any company or product attempts to highlight its strengths while hiding or ignoring its weaknesses or problems. The company obviously wants you to do business with them … Read more