A new sensor platform has been deployed at the controlled burning site, and it can help prevent wildfires

Newswise – Multi-channel sensing can help in emergency situations. Smokey Bear has a lot of great advice on preventing wildfires. But how do you stop one that has started before it gets out of hand? The answer may lie in pairing multichannel sensing with advanced computing technologies offered by a new platform called Sage. Sage … Read more

ExaGrid wins 3 industry awards at Network Computing Awards 2022

2022 Awards Mark ExaGrid’s 4th Consecutive Win at Annual Awards Ceremony Marlborough, Massachusetts, July 26, 2022– (work wire) –ExaGrid®Today, the industry’s only scalable backup storage solution, announced that the company has been honored with three industry awards, including Product of the year bench testedAnd the company of the year, And the Storage product from Yeas … Read more

Lab connects next-generation supercomputers

Algorithmic Warfare: The Power of the Lab to Connect Next Generation Supercomputers Lawrence Livermore’s lab completed its modernization project in June. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s photo Supercomputers help the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration maintain confidence in the nation’s nuclear weapons. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory recently completed upgrades to a facility that will … Read more

Bitzero to develop Nekoma, North Dakota, a landmark in a secure data center – Grand Forks Herald

BISMARCK – It looks like an international data center developer is about to turn a North Dakota landmark into a highly secure data center for high performance computing and data processing. Governor Doug Burgum announced Monday, July 25, that Bitzero Blockchain has entered into binding agreements to acquire and develop “The Pyramid,” which rises above … Read more

Surface Computing Market Size, Scope, Growth Opportunities, Trends by Manufacturers and Forecast to 2029 – That’s Ardee

New Jersey, United States – The surface computing market The research directs new entrants to obtain accurate market data and communicate with customers to know their requirements and preferences. It discovers direct business opportunities and helps to introduce new products to the market. Identifies opportunities in the market. It aims to make adjustments in the … Read more

DeFi: CosmWasm upgrade from Injective Protocol adds more functionality for developers and users

The injection protocol is undergoing a major network upgrade, adding more functionality for developers. ZDNet The Injective Protocol, an Ethereum-compatible blockchain used in the decentralized finance (DeFi) and derivatives industries, underwent a “CosmWasm mainnet” upgrade in early July in order to provide greater functionality and efficiency to its developers and users. A protocol that allows … Read more