Jose Padilla of California Rural Legal Aid Retires

Jose Padilla, executive director of Rural Legal Aid in California, will retire after 44 years. Vida en el Valle 44-year-old Jose Padilla’s work in justice can be traced back to a lecture from his grandmother in 1970. At a backyard party to celebrate his high school graduation and acceptance into Stanford University, Padilla pulled aside. … Read more

Tips to avoid the harmful effects of computer screens and smartphones on your eyes | health

the computer screens They have always been double-edged swords as they help us on the one hand in all kinds of activities from business to entertainment, from health consultations to online courses, from stocks and finance to online shopping, while on the other hand, they have a major role in creating health Special problems with … Read more

Start Enrollments for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program in Arkansas

Arkansans can apply for help with energy bills starting today Staff in need can apply for assistance with energy bills starting July 25. Updated: 9:32 PM CDT Jul 25, 2022 Hide text Show text Tonight with more on the part of the show that’s going soon. People started joining at 6am here at the Sebastian … Read more

Backpacker Radio #159 | Shayla “Kiddo” Paradeis on hiking without a smartphone and recovering from trauma

IOn today’s episode of Backpacker Radio from The Trek, we’re joined by Shayla “Kiddo” Paradeis. Shayla is a very accomplished backpacker, with the Triple Crown scratching the surface of her hiking resume, but it’s her backpacking style that makes this conversation stand out. We talk about what it’s like to backpack in today’s era without … Read more

Don’t forget to clear your iPhone’s cache every month

for you Iphone He does a lot for you. It wakes you up in the morning, handles your texts, lets you browse your favorite social media apps and lets you search for any weird one-time facts you want to know. But over time, web browsing starts to clog the cache, which is why you should … Read more

AITX subsidiary robotic assistants receive multiple AVA orders from a leading global distribution and supply chain company

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. Illustration of 2 RAD AVA 3.0 security bots in simulated self-response mode. RAD has received an order for 2 AVAs from a large global distribution and supply chain company. Detroit, Michigan, July 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – artificial intelligence technology solutions,OTCPK: AITX), today announced that … Read more