January 6 Committee Issues Subpoenas for Five House Republicans

Lawmakers on the committee have been considering whether to recall fellow Republicans for months, wrestling with whether they have the constitutional right to do so, and debating whether they want to create such a precedent. With the hearings approaching less than a month, the committee faces a ticking clock to obtain all possible information. “The … Read more

Consumers say safer driver assistance technology is now more important than self-driving cars

Most respondents in a recent survey said they are more interested in improving vehicle safety … [+] Compared to self-driving cars. AAA Drivers very much want automakers to improve existing driver support features before developing autonomous vehicles (AVs), and recent crash tests have confirmed that inconsistent performance remains an issue with these semi-autonomous systems currently … Read more

Governor Newsom proposes $18.1 billion inflation relief package

The package includes direct payments to help tackle the costs of rising inflation and delayed water and utilities bills, free public transportation, money for health care workers, health care subsidies for the middle class, and childcare fee waivers for families Sacramento – As people across the country face mounting costs due to global inflation, Governor … Read more

California eviction moratorium and state rent aid ended

SAN JOSE, CA (KGO) – Any California tenant who hasn’t been able to pay rent since April will be at risk of eviction by the end of June. The government agency that runs the rental assistance program says it will only cover unpaid rents through March 31 this year. This is bad news for anyone … Read more

Senate falters in bid to pass $40 billion in Ukrainian aid

But Paul’s blockade forced Schumer to schedule an additional procedural vote to get around the barrier, leading to the start of next week. “He doesn’t want to help Ukraine,” Schumer said of Paul on the Senate floor. “That’s not the case for the vast majority here.” “All he will accomplish with his actions here today … Read more

Vehicles with active driving assistance technology crash during AAA testing

picture: Harold Cunningham (Getty Images) The long road to self-driving cars hit another speed bump. Despite lofty performance promises from automakers seeking an independent future, it’s modern Tests From AAA revealed ‘inconsistent performance’ with basic active driving assistance (ADA)The hat resulted in vehicles repeatedly colliding with cars and bicycles. Head-on collisions occurred during each of … Read more

Behind the expert testimony in the Fitbit trial

This week, a jury in Connecticut convicted Richard Dabbaty for the murder of his wife Connie Dabbaty after a five-week trial that hinged – in part – on data from Fitbit. Richard said a man in camouflage clothing broke into their home in 2015 and shot Connie. But Connie was wearing a Fitbit watch, and … Read more

Jan. 6 Committee ups the ante, summons key House Republicans

Early last week, after receiving a call from the House Select Committee to investigate the January 6 attack, Representative Moe Brooks said he had no intention of cooperating with the investigation. “I’m not going to help Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney cross the street — I certainly won’t help them and the partisan witch-hunt,” said … Read more

North America Product Design and Development Services Market Analysis Report (CRO, Medical Device Companies) 2022-2030

Dublin, 12 May 2022– (work wire)–The North America Product Development and Design Services Market Size Analysis Report, Share and Trends by End Use (CRO, Medical Device Companies), by Application, by Service, and Segments Forecast, 2022-2030 Report added to ResearchAndMarkets.com an offer. The North American Product Design and Development Services market is expected to reach $5.66 … Read more