The Internet supports my mom to turn her into a reckless driver, tore my dad for not caring

Online commentators were appalled after a woman described her husband’s reaction to a reckless driver who nearly hit their children and their dog. in viral form reddit Post posted in r/AmITheA**hole, Redditor u/Puzzlehead_Gate562 (otherwise referred to as the original poster, or OP) said she handed the driver over to the authorities, but was reprimanded and … Read more

Law enforcement talks online safety tips ahead of summer

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) – Summer is approaching which means more kids in the home are connected to some kind of technology whether it’s a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. For this reason, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency reminds parents to monitor their children’s devices. Sergeant Jeremy J. During the Covid-19 pandemic, law enforcement in … Read more

The internet is shredding old generations for useless advice

Thousands of young netizens were excited to share their biggest feelings about the advice they received from members of the older generations. in viral form reddit Posted on r/AskReddit, Redditor u/baker10923 (otherwise referred to as the original poster or OP) asked the 35.8 million forum members the least helpful suggestions usually made by those who … Read more

The internet reveals jobs they don’t respect

The internet has come together to expose jobs they don’t respect, and people don’t hold back on their responses. Now the virus reddit The post titled “What Job Don’t You Respect” has been voted 18,300 times, and racked up over 14,000 comments. redditor Tweet embed Share the post on the “Ask Reddit” subreddit on May … Read more

Internet support worker who got a “ridiculous amount” of money in a redemption plot

A worker went viral for sharing that he once received a “ridiculous amount” of money in a hilarious redemption plot against one of his clients. Posted in redditMalicious Compliance forum under the username u/Mother_Distance_4714, said the worker The accident happened years ago when they were working as a contractor with a large “service provider”. The … Read more

Do VPNs Increase Internet Speed?

While VPNs can provide you with higher levels of security while connected to the internet, the way they operate can have a detrimental effect on your internet speed. While many notice a drop in connection speeds when using a VPN, others have already seen improvements in certain cases. So, can a VPN really speed up … Read more

To ensure every American has access to water and the Internet, stop selling utility data to ICE

Over the past few months, efforts have been underway to implement President Biden’s plan to strengthen America’s power grids, expand access to drinking water, and bring broadband Internet to communities in need. But pledge to bring the Internet and water 24 million families Across the country, you may inadvertently put the personal information of millions … Read more

America’s much-needed internet advertising is far from redundant

After a rather arduous process, the United States launched Announcing the future of the internet Last week with more than 60 global partners. The signatories have recommitted themselves to an Internet that is “open, free, global, interoperable, reliable, and secure.” Reaction to the announcement was predictably divided, with Elon Musk, the most popular Twitter user … Read more

Verdun Kapoor’s ruthless ‘sad truth’ about buying a used Lamborghini is bringing the internet to tears!

Star Kids often have to bear the brunt of their fame and “family”. while the Nepotism debate in Bollywood It doesn’t seem to fade away, star kids continue to grab the headlines for various reasons. Instagram / Sonam Kapoor Many Child stars and actors From the backgrounds “Outstanding” Share their “struggles”. Ranveer Singh said he … Read more

My transition from cable to fiber internet – Mercury News

a few weeks ago wrote about The initial difficulty I faced was getting AT&T fiber optic internet service installed in my home. The good news is that a crew showed up a few days later and installed a 1 gigabit fiber service that costs me $80 a month. That’s less expensive than the cable service … Read more