Universal Control is no longer in beta in macOS Monterey 12.4 and iPadOS 15.5

universal control It is no longer an ‘experimental’ feature, with the beta rating removed in macOS Monterey 12.4.0 Update And iPadOS 15.5 Release candidates that were transplanted to developers and public beta testers earlier today. Apple in March global control chest as part of Mac OS Monterey 12.3 and iPadOS 15.4, and since its launch, … Read more

NYC restaurants yawn at Grubhub’s ‘Free Lunch’ Show

Grubhub is offering to pick up the tab for lunch across New York City next week — and restaurants are yawning. Experts say the barrage of freebies from food delivery companies — including competitors UberEats and Doordash, as well as grocery apps like Getir, Gopuff and Gorillas that deliver items within minutes — has reached … Read more

Google TV app adds casting capability as Android TV ecosystem grows to 110 million monthly active devices – TechCrunch

After last year Change the Google TV appWhich added features like movie and TV recommendations, critics scores and more, the company announced today at the Google I/O Developers Conference that later this year, users will be able to stream TV shows and movies directly from their Android phone or tablet to their TV. In addition, … Read more

How to use the built-in password manager on your Android phone

picture: tada pictures (stock struggle) Android devices are packed with features that make navigating your digital life easier, and one of the most useful is a password manager. Password managers not only Store your login information for frictionless loginsIt also makes it easier Create strong and unique passwords For every app or website you use. … Read more

Honor Magic4 Pro review: Hardware spikes, software falters

Honor, which was once a sub-brand of Chinese phone giant Huawei, has been on its own ever since Appeared in late 2020. So far, a file has been released Global middle class Honor 50However, various difficulties prevented the company from creating a true flagship smartphone in the West since it became an independent company. He … Read more

The FBI told Israel it wanted a Pegasus hacking tool for investigations

WASHINGTON – The Federal Bureau of Investigation told the Israeli government in a 2018 letter that it had purchased Pegasus, a notorious hacking tool, to collect data from cell phones to aid in ongoing investigations, the clearest documented evidence to date that the bureau weighs in using spyware as a tool of law enforcement. The … Read more

What devices does iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 support?

While there are still no concrete rumors regarding the devices iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 will support, Turn off iPod touch Earlier this week, it could be an indication that as many as nine devices may be about to lose support for Apple’s upcoming operating systems. iOS and iPadOS 13, 14, and 15 all support … Read more

Best Downloaded Apps in 2022

How has the mobile phone market evolved since 1993 The mobile landscape looks radically different today than it did three decades ago. In 1993, Motorola acquired more than half of the mobile phone market. But by 2021, its market share had shrunk to just 2.2%. How did this happen, and how has the mobile phone … Read more

Verizon 5G Deals: Get iPhone 13 and Galaxy S22 for Free

If you’re on the Verizon network and looking to move to a new smartphone, there’s a whole arsenal of great smartphone deals happening at Verizon right now. They’re good deals, in fact, that the phones are actually free when you sign a new contract on the 5G Unlimited plan, and in some cases, replace your … Read more

Will Apple put satellite communication in its next iPhone? – Space Works – Quartz

Dear Readers, Welcome to Quartz’s newsletter on the economic potential of space. Please forward widely and let me know what you think. This week: The most mysterious satellite customer, Boeing vs. Aerojet, and Russia hack ViaSat. Rumors spread after Global Star, which specializes in operating satellites shyly announce This week’s agreement with a “large global … Read more