Cubs trade rumors took center stage as his 10-match losing streak stopped

Chicago – Cubs They were running out of things to say during their 10-game losing streak. Director David Ross had “no magic answer” in his daily press conferences. During his team status speech, Chief of Baseball Operations Jed Hoyer noted that Ross is doing a “terrific job,” all things considered. Inside Wrigley Field Club, the closest veteran David Robertson “This is not for lack of effort,” he insisted. all star catcher Wilson Contreras Put it this way: “I don’t care about the trade deadline.”

At least it’s over now – the losing streak, not trade rumours. Keegan Thompson identical Atlanta‘s Charlie Morton Friday afternoon at Wrigley Field, holding the World Cup soccer champions without goals for six games. A crowd of 35,676 announcing broke out in the eighth inning when Christopher Morell The sacrifice fly was raised to the center of the field and Jonathan Villar Slide the head first into the main board of the running craft. Robertson finished his thorny act, loading the bases in the ninth inning by walking twice and hitting another before taking out the final at 4:01 p.m. “Go Cubs Go” blasted off the ballpark sound system while Contreras clapped and danced his way toward the Big Five line After a 1-0 win that cut Atlanta’s 14-game winning streak.

“We’ve talked as a group the past couple of days, and we don’t have to worry about what’s being said outside the locker room,” Thompson said. “The only thing that matters is what’s going on here. We can’t let outside noise get the best of us. Just play hard. We weren’t really worried about their winning streak or our losing streak.”

That sounds nice, but the Cubs are ultimately judged on gains and losses, even if this rebuilding season is ranked on a curve. There is no reliable way to put a positive spin on a team already on track to lose 100 games – before the inevitable mass exodus of the league’s top talent on the trade deadline. During Theo Epstein’s regime, Hoyer was involved in all of the major decisions in the baseball operations leading up to this point. Sharp budget cuts in baseball operations during the COVID-19 pandemic have shortened the major league roster that Ross oversees. A series of hits shut out 60 percent of the expected spin, creating a domino effect that led to four losses in five days with scores 8-0, 18-4, 12-5, and 19-5.

“What’s the line? What are you talking about?” Ross joked during his post-match media session. “We’ve had a few ugly lately, but I’ve never questioned the effort or intensity of the guys. Nobody was making excuses. There’s just something about throwing the start coming out and setting the tone. Charlie Morton was bad today, but so was our guy. When you have that Back and forth, it generates a sense of: “Okay, boys, this guy got it. Let’s do everything we can to work for a walk, get a knockout, and steal a base. Shallow sack fly wins us today. This could have gone the other way easily and we wouldn’t be in really good shape if we lost that match. That’s it – keep fighting.”

Robertson, 37, has credibility as someone who has helped Yankees Win the 2009 World Championships and tackle the New York lights. He understands the limitations Ross is working under now. He’s made fewer than 19 runs over the past three seasons while recovering from Tommy John’s surgery. Working as his own agent while negotiating a one-year, $3.5 million contract with Hoyer, he saw an opportunity to work in later roles and remembered how much his family enjoyed Chicago while playing in white socks. His track record of experience (145 career saves) and recent performance (1.82 ERA, 34 strokes in 24.2 innings) still makes him a virtual lock-up to be traded by the August 2 deadline.

“That’s higher than my salary,” Robertson said. “Don’t worry about it. I’m here to play baseball and the field and try to get out. If they make that decision, it’s their decision. I’m with these guys at the club. I’m going to try to keep playing hard and winning games.”

Contreras plays at such a high level – and he is very grateful for the opportunity to play He is spending this weekend with his younger brotherWilliam, the brave hunter – he wouldn’t vent any frustrations via the media. Some questions recur, but Contreras remained patient and friendly in his wardrobe. after, after Anthony RizzoAnd the Chris Bryant And the Javier Baez Drawing so much attention last season, Contreras appears to be relishing the opportunity to be the club’s captain – however long it may take – and is taking it seriously by setting a positive example with his energy.

Muriel rocked three times against Morton, swung and missed the first two Braves . pitches AJMinter In the eighth half. Muriel looked at Contreras in a circle on the deck. Contreras clapped and nodded in encouragement. The rookie took a deep breath and came up with the sacrifice the cubs needed at that moment.

“We know we have enough talent here to start winning ball games – that’s the message we’re spreading around,” Contreras said. “I don’t want to put cameras on me because I say that. I’m just trying to lift this team because losing is bad. If you’re having a bad day, but your attitude is okay, you’ll end up having a good day, like we did today. It’s not about me. It’s About the Cubs. I love this team. I love my team.”

Ian Hap It’s not an obvious trading chip at the level of Contreras or Robertson – the player is still under the club’s control next season through the refereeing system – but he made his major-league debut with the World Championship holders in 2017. He played in 2018. The team that somehow won With 95 games, this season is still considered the least accomplished. Hub knows how Wrigley Field feels when the Cubs roll and understands the value of the club’s culture.

“These guys come to work every day and do all the right things,” Habb said. “Everyone is making the right setup, going out and getting into their work, and we’re playing really hard. It’s something that this organization, this coaching staff, has done a really good job of. So as long as we keep doing that, we’re going to get past this and get to the other side of it.”

The truth is, there may only be one or two players who go through the rebuilding process and watch the next playoff game at Wrigley Field. There is no timeline for “The Next Great Cubs Team,” a concept that seemed increasingly remote during the 10-game losing streak. There will also be new possibilities, ways for the Cubs to try to speed up the process. You won’t feel any close when Contreras and Robertson play for new teams this summer.

(Wilson Contreras and David Robertson Photo: Camille Krzaczynski/USA Today)