Detroiter deadline to apply for COVID emergency rental assistance looms

City officials said Wednesday that Detroiters facing eviction and urgently needing housing will be given a same-day place in emergency shelters or other housing as the deadline to file for emergency rental assistance approaches in Michigan.

The deadline to apply for the state’s COVID Emergency Assistance Program is June 30. The state will continue to provide assistance to approved applicants until September 30, or until funding runs out.

The city estimates that 82% of Detroiters are low-income and 52% are renters.

Lakeshore Legal Services attorney Ashley Lowe explains on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, how her law firm is providing free legal services to Detroit tenants who believe they have been evictions in error.

Through the CERA program, $159 million in rental assistance has been allocated to more than 19,000 Detroiters since March 2021, with about 10,000 families’ applications still awaiting approval, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said. The city will also provide free legal assistance to tenants who claim they have been wrongfully evicted and hire through its Express Employment Program.

“Anyone who is evicted and about to be homeless, the city will immediately intervene so that you don’t spend a single night on the street,” Duggan said.