Eagles news: Jordan Davis as a goal line weapon?

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Mailbag: Can the Eagles use the occasional DT rookie Jordan Davis in attack? – PhillyVoice
Doug Pederson and Nick Siriani have both been asked in the past about the possibility of awarding the ball to Malata in a goal-line condition, given Milata’s experience carrying the ball in rugby, and both scoffed at the matter. But with Davis, I see the benefit of playing with him on the tight end of goal-line packages. It would be more effective there than, say, Andre Dillard, in my opinion, because (a) he would be more aggressive, and (b) he could actually move the transport workers against their will. Yes, I’m saying I think Davis would be a better blocker on the goal line than his previous offensive tackle in the first round. And as long as he’s up there sometimes in those bundles, yeah, why not get him TD on a blast like the Eagles did a year ago with Lynne Johnson.

28 Eagles Over/Under for the 2022 NFL Season – BGN
With the time until Philadelphia Eagles training camp begins in late July, Jimmy Kempsky and I thought it would be fun to preview the 2022 season with a game more/less. And that’s exactly what we did in the latest BGN Radio podcast episode. Jimmy was the champ last season having previously defeated him the previous year. We are restricted at all times. Can the BGN community get on the board with a win? Give us your best by voting at the polls.

Another reason could be the acquisition of AJ Brown being the Eagles’ flagship race – TouchdownWire
Brown’s ability to work against the press should have a negative impact on Smith’s ability to produce next season. Not only will Brown slip into the “alpha” role in the Philadelphia offense as Laurie Fitzpatrick noted earlier this summer, but he could slip into the traditional “X” receiver role for the Eagles. This frees Smith to work more out of the hole, or in other formations where he can have an easier off-line release. According to chart data, Smith broadly agreed with 877 of last year’s 1,003 shots, in stark contrast to the 97 plays where he lined up in the slot. Using Smith more outside the hole would give him better chances in the passing game, and when combined with Brown’s anti-pressing ability, it should be a huge boost to the Eagles’ passing attack.

On Rob’s notes: Did Rosman get a steal in the Rookie QB? – NBCSP
1. Devon Allen has received the most attention when it comes to the 2022 Eagles range of unmanufactured free agents. But Carson Strong is a great game, too. There are some obvious concerns with Strong. It’s never a good sign when you’ve had two knee surgeries before your 23rd birthday. There are concerns about how to raise his knees and whether he can move enough to survive in the NFL. But as an unformulated free agent? Prior to his knee injuries, he was expected to be a first-round pick. He then went into this projected draft as a third-round pick. And the Eagles got him for almost nothing. Strong last year He became only the eighth BCS player in the last 20 years to throw 36 touchdowns or more, eight interceptions or fewer, completed better than 70 percent of his passes and passes for over 4,000 yards. He’s got a huge arm, he’s a smart kid, he’s big at 6-3, 225 pounds and his Nevada production was off the charts. Now, it is still elusive. The last non-Designed QB rookie to make the Eagles roster was Brad Goebel in 1991. The last non-Designed QB player to even throw a pass for the Eagles was Jeff Garcia. But I like the idea of ​​keeping your strength in third place, giving it time to recover and learning to take offense, and taking your time to see if you have something. If not do? It costs you $320,000, which is a drop in the bunch when it comes to finding your quarterback. if i did? I just stole an NFL QB without using a draft pick. Howie Being Howie.

Eagles WR Devon Allen wins third 110m hurdles since June 12 – NFL.com
Devon Allen did a quick job last week. The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver won his third 110-meter hurdles race since June 12, crossing the finish line with a time of 13.16 at Saturday’s Diamond League event in Paris, France. The result follows a 13.22sec on Thursday and a stunning 12.84sec on Sunday which marked the third fastest time in the 110m track and field event.

Patience and Vision: The Eagles’ Plan Lands a Proven Veteran – PE.com
We’ll see how all of this plays out when Tartt comes along and learns defense and works with Harris, Epps, and a big handful of promising young players like the Eagles. This is a list of 90 men, so spots are very precious and valuable. The 17-game schedule tax every part of the roster and then some, as coaching team players are very valuable and reliable resources as well. It takes more than 53 players – in fact, it’s more than 70 – to make it through a season. I heard Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni address a hall of players with the message that every player exists for a reason. Each of them is important. Each of them is counted on to play their best, aiming – as much as they might be – to have a roster where each player is a top-tier player.

Dallas Cowboys Draft Class 2021 Year Two Predictions: CB Kelvin Joseph – Blogging for Boys
Although we didn’t see much of Kelvin Joseph’s work in 2021, what we saw of him was always positive. Joseph saw only 24% of defensive shots in his rookie year, but he saw 49% of the team’s own shots. He was the team’s fourth corner and played well in the limited work he received. Joseph was targeted 17 times in the junior season, giving up eight receptions for 89 yards and one touchdown. While those numbers might not sound great for a player with limited movement, Joseph’s bar showed a player who doesn’t look too much in the junior season. Unfortunately for Joseph, his off-field record received a mark when he was involved in a murder investigation in Dallas, Texas this off season. While we haven’t heard much yet about whether there has been any discipline sent by the NFL or any charges from the Dallas Police Department, you never want to be involved in anything as serious as this. If Joseph clears all charges and suspensions from the NFL, he will likely slip back into the team’s fourth corner kick, pressing for an out-of-camp play.

House Oversight Committee Gives Dan Snyder a Chance to Testify Nearly Wednesday – Hughes Haven
The House Committee on Oversight and Reform is giving Dan Snyder another opportunity to testify voluntarily on Wednesday, June 22. They are holding a hearing as part of their investigation into the Washington leaders’ decades of toxic workplace sexual harassment, as well as the NFL’s handling of the team’s investigation. This led to a $10 million fine, Snyder “walking away” from day-to-day operations, and personnel changes to the organization. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell agreed to actually appear before the committee, but Dan Snyder refused, saying he would be out of the country to work. The committee sent Snyder’s attorney a letter last night to give him the opportunity to physically appear on Wednesday.

Big Blue View Mailbag: Offense vs. defense, Nick Gates, Darius Slayton, More – Big Blue View
what happened? Who do you know? Slayton’s rookie performance may have been a mirage, and he may have played over his head. I’ve heard the theory that he was relaxed and didn’t do the work – which I’m not saying is the case, I’m just saying I heard in theory. I know Slayton has had some injuries, but you have to catch the ball when it hits you in your hands. Slayton hasn’t done that consistently in the past two seasons. The Giants tried to give players clean sheets this spring. Guess what was Slayton’s biggest problem yet, though? drop the ball. You can’t make a list as the fifth broad receiver of $2.54 million who doesn’t play teams especially if you don’t consistently pick up football.

Juneteenth Explanation – Vox
June and “The Nineteenth,” June 19, marks the day in 1865 when a group of enslaved people in Galveston, Texas finally learn that they have been freed from the institution of slavery. But, alas, this was almost two and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. As much as Juneteenth represents freedom, it also represents how tragically emancipation was delayed for enslaved people in the deepest regions of the Confederacy. June 1, 1866 was celebrated with food, singing, and reading of spirits—and it commemorated the newly liberated blacks who took pride in their progress. Today, June festivities span the globe, with global diasporas embracing the day as a day to generally acknowledge emancipation.

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