Game of the Week: Liberty hosts Storm at Sue Bird final in New York

Good things keep happening. New York Liberty was at home Thursday night to confront the two mystery in Washington. The defense did its job as they came out with a high-quality double win over In front of the home of the believers. After this game is over, Liberty will hit the road a bit.

Today’s opponent will be a Seattle storm. Noel Quinn and her buddies patch the ship after a rocky stretch of games. They continued their road trip five games Friday night in a marquee game against the Connecticut Sun, and Lost 82-71. L cut their four-game winning streak. Once that’s done, they’ll go home to a four-game house starting Thursday night.

Where to follow the game

ESPN is the place for you. Tipping is mid-afternoon EST.


Betnijah Laney and Jocelyn Willoughby are out. Rebecca Allen came out with a concussion. Diddy Richards has been dealing with a hamstring injury, but he’s not in the injury report and will be back today.

Mercedes Russell is being treated for recurrent atypical headache syndrome and is out of this competition.

the game

Storm took the game One and the game two in May.

We’ll be seeing two great 22-year-olds this afternoon. On the one hand, EZI THE ERASER!!! Ezi Magbegor was very cool in the center and driving WNBA In blocks at a rate of 2.8 per game. She has a chance of becoming the third player in the WNBA averaging at least three blocks per match, joining Margo Dydek and Brittney Griner. Ezi is also on his way to having the most blocks per game in a season since BG in 2018. The Storm is third in Fastbreak Points, and when your senior can start a break with some edge kick protection, good things will happen.

We’ll see how Liberty Magbegor attacks this afternoon.

As for New York, the 22-year-old continued her stellar role. Han Xu had another excellent match on Thursday as she crossed the double number mark off the bench once again. Han’s ability to spread the floor and score from everywhere would be valuable tonight. She still has to do a better job against her physical defences, and today will be a great test of her rapid improvements.

With Richards and Allen out on Thursday, Sandy Brundello started Marines Johannes in the junior striker. Aside from charming passes and general ferocity, Johannes’ defense was instrumental in Liberty’s victory on Thursday. Set in the Natasha Cloud after the first half break, Liberty combined to hold the cloud from 2-7 from the field (0-3 from three-point range and no free throw attempts) along with a four-turn. Today, you are going to hunt down Jewel Lloyd. Loyd cooked up Liberty in game two of the season, but she’s barely above 40 percent of the field this season and hit the free-throw line at her lowest clip since the 2019 season. If they can stop Loyd from warming up, they’ll be able to slow the storm.

Richards’ return will give Liberty some much-needed volume on the boards and in defence. On Thursday, Brundello said she expects to play Richards in about 10-12 minutes. I think we can assume the same limitations that exist today as well. As Richards moves away from her injury, she will have more opportunities to play and make contributions.

Liberty committed to a 10-lap low season on Thursday, and they were much better at sponsoring basketball in June (the third lowest mark this month). Today will be a major test of their recent improvements. In the mini-series in Seattle, Lips coughed 42 times as they lost both games. Storm leads the WNBA in opponent turnover, and if they can force Liberty to make mistakes, they’ll have a chance of getting easy points in the transition.

A match at all four will be fun as hell. On one side will be Natasha Howard. Howard was brilliant on Thursday as she penalized the Mystics inside to hit 22 points in the career chart. Howard was in full rhythm with her teammates, who found her indoors time and time again. Liberty continued to develop her chemistry, and if they kept finding Howard in the right places, she would continue to accumulate points.

On the other side stands Breanna Stewart. As I’m sure it will be mentioned in the broadcast, Liberty tried it takes over Stewie is on free agency this winter, but she decides to bring him back with the storm. Stewart remains one of the best players in the sport as she can score at all three levels, she’s a great defender on the front court, and someone you can count on to be one of the team captains. She’s also an MVP competitor, like Zach Ward swish call explain:

It’s hard to distinguish Stewart’s seasons because, statistically, they are very close to being equally good. Sometimes the points were a little high, in other seasons it was rebounds and other assists. Her robberies ended this year and her rookie year had a high mass. But it all hovers around the same area. So far, 2016 saw her best run on the blocks, 2018 saw her best run on points, 2020 saw her best in assists and steals and 2021 saw her best in rebounding. If things continue, 2022 will see new highs in scoring and stealing. Their career lows in each category are still a staggering 18.3 points, 8.3 rebounds (7.5 this year), 2.5 assists, 1.2 steals and 1.3 blocks (0.8 this year).

Howard, Stef Dolson and the rest of Liberty will do what they can to stop Stewart from taking over. It takes a team effort to slow down a star.

Player to watch: Sue Bird

It is never easy to say goodbye to a legend. Sue Bird has been a force in the basketball game since beginning her second season at the University of Connecticut in 1999-2000. From there, she became one of the most decorated basketball players of all time as she won everywhere she was multiple times. when she retires AdvertisingIn this article, Bird spoke about her basketball journey and retirement:

“I’ve been doing this since I was five or six. That’s all I really know. So of course I’m sad. It’s a bit like mourning knowing I’m going to miss him. Maybe that’s why I’ve said over the course of so many years that I won’t I announce my retirement, because I know I’m going with this. I’m emotional. I don’t like change.”

It was good that her retirement tour started in the Northeast because she is from New York and rose to fame in Connecticut. Here’s an amazing career and an extrapolation of my future in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Despite all the history she’s made, Bird is still a darn good player. She is one of the greatest floor generals in the game and always makes sure her teammates are in the best possible position to score. When the game is on the line, you can put it in the hands of Bird and trust that she will fulfill it

As Seattle looks to get back to the top of the mountain, Bird will do everything in her power to lead the way.

The player who will lead the next generation of WNBA players will be Sabrina Ionescu. Sab was great, and Heaven Hill From Her hop stats pointed:

in JuneSabrina is currently averaging 22 points per game, 6.9 rebounds per game and 6.9 assists per game on less than 50% of shots from the field and 37% of the three-point ground. Even if you are thinking Thursday match against the mystics A “bad” walk where she shot 3 vs 16 off the ground, Ionescu still flirted with a triple triple and finished the game with 5 arrows (steal + blocks). Overall, it’s to Sabrina’s credit for hanging up hard and responding as the season reached its worst.

Ionescu has figured things out since his two series matches against Storm and has been wreaking havoc in the league all month long. Storm would try to be physical with it, but Ionescu was able to succeed against physical defenses and attack the cliffs. Magbegor will be waiting for her at the edge this afternoon, but Ionescu and Liberty have shown they are up to the challenge of playing the best of the league.

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