George Harrison said that he did not understand how many different nationalities loved the Beatles

George Harrison He claimed that he didn’t perceive how he knew and cherished so many various nationalities around the globe the Beatles. Each time he and his band journey to a brand new place, George thinks nobody is aware of who they’re. He was very flawed.

George Harrison in Cannes, France, 1976.
George Harrison | Michael Butland/Getty Photographs

George Harrison had contradictory opinions in regards to the Beatles

For many of his life, George made contradictory statements in regards to the Beatles. On the one hand, he thought It was modern and a cultural phenomenon. On the similar time, he did not suppose their music was that good. He even typically known as his songs mediocre. To him, it was questionable whether or not any of the Beatles’ songs would have been profitable if some other band had recorded them.

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