Jets Rookie Sauce Gardner Pays $50,000 For Number 1 Shirt

apparently, gardner sauce He really likes the number 1. Like he really is, he really likes it.

Rookie Jets Cornback revealed on Tuesday that he paid fellow cornerback DJ Reed $50,000 to buy the No. 1 jersey that Reed was planning to wear with the Jets.

“I’ve always had 1,” Gardner said. “When I got Sauce’s title, I had No. 1. It’s a lot of little things. I feel like it suits me better.”

Gardner said it was a quick negotiation. He wore No. 4 for a while, then Red took that number.

The Jets won’t care what number Gardner is wearing as long as he’s playing in that shirt. Early returns were positive in General Pick #4. Gardner’s covering skills are evident as you watch him in spring practices. There is no connection in these practices, but Gardner rarely appears off-site and is usually not dumped.

Jets Cornerback Sauce Gardner speaks to the media after training at the minicamp in Florham Park, NJ
Jets Cornerback Sauce Gardner speaks to the media after training.
Bill Costron/New York Post

The coaches praised Gardner’s approach.

“He doesn’t repeat mistakes,” defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich said when asked what distinguishes Gardner. “He is a man who is very hungry to learn. If he is defeated, most of the time he finds out on his own because he has a good ball mind, a thirst for game and a thirst for the best, for learning and for growth. But if he doesn’t, he will immediately go to [cornerbacks coach Tony Oden]will immediately go to [defensive backs coach Marquand Manuel] Or me, whoever it is, to find out, and it won’t show up again. He’ll have lumps, he’ll have rookie moments, which they all do but at the same time, there’s going to be less than most of them.”

One area Gardner worked on was making sure he didn’t catch wide receivers. Along those lines, Gardner has been wearing what look like large oven mitts during some training this spring to keep him from using his hands too much.

“I just always want to be cool. I push myself. I’m pushing myself. I’ve been talking about it with my coach and he was like, ‘Now that I think about it, I have some gloves,'” Gardner said of the gloves, so it worked.

Sauce Gardner practices at the OTAs in Florham Park, NJ on June 8, 2022.
Sauce Gardner’s Practices at OTAs.
Bill Costron/New York Post

Gardner said he’s driven to be as close to perfect on the field as possible.

“As Angle, nobody is perfect,” he said, “but I still try to be perfect.” “Even though I can’t be perfect, I try to be consistent. I don’t want to be one time where I am technically sound and then one actor where I hold. I just try to be perfect even though there is no such thing as “.

The Jets initially had Gardner working with the second team, but Reed did not participate in modern practices for an unknown reason. This resulted in Garnder having more time on defense at the start, a place where he stays for quite a while.

Odin said Gardner has been an information sponge since his arrival in New Jersey.

“The only thing that stands out to me is his intelligence,” said Auden. He’s smart. He’s thirsty for knowledge. Just talking to him a few minutes ago about summer, you can’t give him enough information. … There are a lot of people you can give information to that they can’t fully process. I’m still in the process Trying to figure out how much he can handle, but the more I give him, he still wants more.”

Gardner said learning the game book was “easy” for him. He said he’s now learning how to take care of his body so he can play “forever”. He plans to stay in New Jersey after the team’s mini break this week to work with coaches in preparation for training camp at the end of July.

“I feel like I’ve adapted,” Gardner said. “I am used to the pace of playing in the league. I feel it is going really well.”