Kelsey Mitchell Set to Receive WNBA All-Star Status

The WNBA Buckeye Report takes a slightly different focus for week five. Instead of just focusing on the week’s performance, it’s a great time to talk about the WNBA All-Star Game. On July 10, the league’s biggest names descend on Chicago, Illinois for the 2022 All-Star Game. Fans, media, players, and coaches will decide who will hold the annual mid-season fair, and one name that never made the game is the former. Ohio State Buckeye, Kelsey Mitchell.

Mitchell is a former Ohio American who played five seasons in the WNBA with Indiana Fever. every week of the season, Holy Land Grant It brings you updates from Mitchell and Buckeye Jantel Lavender’s previous performances, but today it’s time to submit the case to vote for Mitchell.

In 2022, Mitchell builds the strongest season of her career. Comparing this season to her previous four, Mitchell averaged nearly more points per game with 18.8 and over assists per game with 3.9. It averages more points and helps draw more attention when considering a fever.

Indiana essentially erased their roster when entering the 2022 season. Fever’s 2022 WNBA draft included five picks in the first two rounds, all of which are currently playing. Of the five, two started at former Baylor strikers Queen Igbo and Nalissa Smith. For starters, this is crazy. Less than half of the college players selected in the WNBA draft make up a team, let alone start. Lexi Hull, Emily Engstler and Destany Henderson rounded out the five, all playing important minutes.

It’s in this environment where Mitchell averages more passes than she’s ever gotten in the WNBA. Mitchell occupies eighth place in the league leader in assists.

When it comes to points, Mitchell leads the league with 300 points — 46 more than Las Vegas ace guard Kelsey Bloom in second. Shots are all over the stadium too. Mitchell makes 37 three-pointers, and will also advance across the lane and attack the basket.

The final reason Mitchell deserves to make the All-Star Game is to stick to a fever. Mitchell signed a multi-year contract with Indiana on March 17, 2021. A signed contract with a team that hasn’t done reforms since Mitchell’s drafting and won only six games in two of her five seasons in Indiana. Mitchell hasn’t given up on Fever through training changes, roster overhauls, or poor team performance on the field. Instead, the former Buckeye improved her game and became a veteran captain.

On June 11, the WNBA released the first All-Star voting numbers, Mitchell is 21Street in the list. It is a difficult mountain to climb, but not impossible. Fan voting accounts for 50% of how the 10 starters are selected, with voting ending at 11:59 PM ET on Monday, June 20. Players and media voting accounts for the remaining 50%.

Fans can vote once per day on the WNBA app or Also, there is a Twitter option that gives fans an extra 10 votes per day (but not for the same player more than once). Any tweet that includes #WNBAAllStar and either the player’s Twitter handle or #FirstNameLastName will get another vote. To make the vote more impactful, votes taken on June 18 were counted twice.

If Mitchell doesn’t make a big jump in the fan vote, he’ll drop to the last 12 reserve spots, as chosen by the WNBA coaches. So, if the fans don’t correct the mistake of leaving Mitchell out of the All-Star Game, the coach can come in and add the Crimson and Gray star.

On the court in Week 5, Mitchell Pfeffer lost two games but broke a five-game losing streak on Sunday. In Minnesota, against the Links, Mitchell scored 15 points and scored four assists on his way to an 84-80 win.