Leak: Twitter employees express mockery and anger at Elon Musk during the inclusive call

After Elon Musk’s extensive meeting with Twitter employees on Thursday, leaked conversations from the company’s internal Slack rooms surfaced on social media, with several employees expressing their displeasure and anger at their potential future boss.

While some employees used to defend Musk and question why it was necessary to ask Musk who voted for him, or what his political views were, most of them objected to his political stance, with some even accusing him of being a danger to transgender people because of his stance on freedom of expression.

As detailed by Rebel newsThe virtual meeting was the first group session between Musk and the San Francisco-based social media platform since Musk ended his $44 billion bid to acquire the company.

a Few cases of meeting for an hour It was cut and leaked shortly after the meeting ended. a full length video From a Zoom call posted later by Project Veritas.

When asked if Musk plans to lay off any employees, Musk responded by saying that “the company needs to recover,” adding that “right now, costs outstrip revenue. So this is not a great situation to be in.”

Musk suggested that all company employees attend to work in the office and not from home, noting that unless the employee is particularly exceptional, he should come to work, like everyone else.

Irate’s staff initially mocked Musk for being 10 minutes late, then contested Musk’s comments about “exceptional staff.”

“A friendly reminder that you can be 10 minutes late to a meeting announced to the world and still be exceptional,” wrote one employee.

Several workers made obscene remarks about Musk, with some suggesting he might not be as smart as others.

“You told me this guy was a genius,” Twitter employee Nia Green, who has received dozens of positive emoji responses to her remark, wrote.

“I’d love to hear from him about all of Tesla’s civil lawsuits over racial discrimination,” Xori Johnson wrote.

When Musk suggested that the company’s goal should be to entertain and engage its audience rather than being preoccupied with not offending people, Slack’s chatroom erupted with fury as many suggested Musk was irresponsible for not meeting the needs of the awakened mob.

Gianna Gantz, responding to Musk’s comments, said that during the coup, he would have allowed Trump to continue the civil unrest. Law.

An employee named Ryan Tanner gave a middle finger emoji to the Twitter board of directors to “sell the company to someone who can’t get past one coherent sentence about this platform and believes the QAnon candidate is a ‘moderate candidate’,” referring to Musk’s admission that he voted for Mayra Flores in Texas.

Of all the notes posted in the chat room, an employee named Natasha Rodriguez defended Elon Musk’s side, saying that Musk “can vote for whoever he wants and no one in these business chats.”

“He has the right to vote for whoever wishes to vote,” she said. “This is his right. Just like your right to vote for whomever you want. It is called democracy.”