QB’s Best College Football Chambers: Alabama, Michigan among teams deep on talent entering 2022 season

Even with the value placed on piercing receivers and sudden rush in college football, a quarterback holds weight unlike any other position in the sport. A great midfielder can change everything for his team, and signal callers of this generation are arriving on campus more sophisticated than ever.

However, assembling the room for a talented midfielder is harder than ever in 2022. Passers with excellent chips rarely stay for several seasons after losing their junior jobs. More experienced players often move to find greener pastures. Programs that can coordinate talented rooms are distinguished.

Now, it must be said, this conversation is based on the evaluation of the entire quarterback group. This is not a ranking of the nation’s best midfielders alone. For example, a player like USC’s Caleb Williams or Virginia Brennan Armstrong could easily make the top five list on his own. Behind them in the depth chart, though, the situation is more fragile than the teams on this list. Without further ado, here are the five best mid-range rooms in the country.

The main players: Bryce Young, Galen Miller, Ty Simpson

If you bring back the Heisman Award-winning midfielder and Top 100 Ex-Rookie, that earns you a spot at the top of this list. Bryce Young was exciting in his first season as a rookie, completing 66.9% of his passes for 4,872 yards and 47 touchdowns. He threw for more than 300 yards 10 times, including a 369-yard performance in the College Football Playoff National Championship and 421 yards and three runs in the SEC title game. Depth behind Young is green, but Galen Millereau and Ty Simpson were among the most followed players in the nation. If Simpson and Milleroo are good enough for Nick Saban, we can trust them.

The main players: CJ Stroud, Kyle McCord, Devin Brown

The Buckeyes may have finished 2021 with the best quarterback in America, but they took a hit after former No. 1 recruit Quinn Ewers and Jack Miller exited the program. CJ Stroud is the supposed #1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, so hopefully #2 is a decent solace. Stroud completed 71.9% of his passes for 4,435 yards and 44 touchdowns in an impressive first season. He saved his best at the end with 1,760 passing passing yards and 19 touchdowns in just his last four games. Backup Kyle McCord was a five-star in its own right, while recruiter Devin Brown 2022 ranked among the top 50 recruits. A combination of talent and experience gives the Buckeyes a chance to grab the top spot once again in 2022.

The main players: Cady McNamara, JJ McCarthy, Alan Bowman

The Wolverines are perhaps the only team in the country with three quarterbacks who can fully start at the Power Five. Cady McNamara led the Wolverines to College Football Playoff with his reliable play but was later stopped against Georgia After former five-star recruit JJ McCarthy successfully moved the ball. While McCarthy was primarily used in running packages, he threw for 131 yards and landed in playoff relief. The strange thing is that this was paid before Texas Tech Star Alan Bowman to the third series. The Texans threw for over 5,000 yards and 33 touchdowns before moving to Ann Arbor, and now he can’t come off the bench. It’s an embarrassment of riches for Michigan’s Jim Harpo.

4. Georgia Bulldogs

The main players: Stetson Bennett IV, Carson Beck, Brooke Vandegrave, Gunner Stockton

Despite all the talk about his limits, Stetson Bennett finished second in the 2021 SEC in quarterback rankings, No. 4 in touchdown passing, No. 5 in passing yards and No. 1 in yards per attempt. He was a very efficient and played a big part in the National Championship match to present the circuit’s first ‘Dawgs’ since 1980. The room behind him is unproven but very talented. Brock Vandegrave has five stars in the 2021 class, while Carson Beck enters his third year with the group. Meanwhile, Gunner Stockton is another top-notch recruit that should provide valuable depth. We’d like to see more experience from the backup set in 2022, but Bennett is a good midfielder.

The main players: Jaden Daniels, Miles Brennan, Garrett Nosmeyer, Walker Howard

The Tigers didn’t have a proven start after losing top pass Max Johnson at the transfer gate, but the pool of signal callers currently in Baton Rouge is among the deepest in the country. Added former LSU Arizona Rookie Jayden Daniels, who scored more than 3,000 total offense yards in 2021, while Miles Brennan is back after missing most of the last two seasons due to injuries. Down the tube, Garrett Nosmeyer and four-star recruit Walker Howard have the tools to compete for playtime on the spot. New offensive coordinator Mike Denbrook will select a dynamic and diverse group of passers-by in his first season. The ceiling depends on whether any of the four jumps up and takes over.


  • Miami: Tyler Van Dyke is a Heisman competitor, but Jake Garcia back up is an excellent recruit who has shown some real signs at Coral Gables. Offensive coordinator Josh Gates must do wonders with this set.

  • Pennsylvania state: When Sean Clifford can stay healthy, Nittany Lions is the Big Ten competitor. Fortunately, freshman Drew Allar, freshman, Penn State gives more insurance—and payback—in the event of an emergency.

  • SMU: Tanner Mordechai is the frontrunner, but former recruit Preston Stone chose to stay home due to offers from all over the country. He’s the next Big Five player.

  • Texas: Quinn Ewers is former first-team rookie and freshman Malik Murphy, who is also ranked among the top 200 players. Hudson Card beat leader Casey Thompson at the start over the course of the season and still has plenty of upside. The only thing that keeps this group off the list is experience.

  • Texas A&M: Aggies had been playing poorly in the middle in 2021, but added confirmed SEC player Max Johnson and National Team No. 2 quarterback Conner Wegmann alongside opening player Heinz King. With such great depth, the competition for the conference is the anticipation.