RENNOVA HEALTH, INC. Discusses progress and plans for the Department of Mental and Behavioral Health through Inventory Day broadcast

Renova Health, Inc.

Renova Health, Inc.

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, June 16, 2022 (The Globe Newswire) – Renova Health, Inc (OTC: RNVA) CEO Seamus Lagan joined Stock Day host Sever Copley to discuss business progress and the company’s plans to develop the Mental Health and Behavioral Division.

Copley began by asking how the hospital’s current operations were performing. Lagan believed that the business has now stabilized, with the help of the recently secured critical access designation, and that he believes the operations will now be cash flow positive and profitable.

Copley went on to ask about the status of previously discussed plans to add mental and behavioral health to the business. Lagan confirmed that a new division, Myrtle Recovery Centers, Inc. And that the company was putting the final touches on a plan to take advantage of the available space in the owned real estate to provide these services. Lagan further explained that having space available reduces the capital needs for minor renovation and decorating costs and emphasized the intent to hire someone with specific industry knowledge to head this new division.

Copley then asked what to expect during the two- or three-year period of the company. Lagan outlined the ongoing need for rural healthcare and the company’s plans to improve and prove a profitable model to create the basis for further acquisitions in the future.

Copley ended up asking him what message Lagan would like the company’s shareholders to take away from the interview. Lagan responded by affirming his confidence that the company can provide excellent service to its customers and generate profit for its shareholders

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