SIGGRAPH 2022 unveils unique, experimental innovations in emerging technologies and immersive suite programs

From optical systems using linear polarizers to tactile sensations in virtual reality, SIGGRAPH previews highlights to be highlighted in Vancouver

ChicagoAnd the June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – SIGGRAPH 2022 raises the stakes with 26 research projects selected from over 100 submissions from 27 countries as part of both projects Emerging Technologies And the immersive suite programs this summer. The selected projects cover breakthroughs in the evolution of technology across the many subfields of computer graphics and interactive technologies. The Forty-ninth annual conference August 8-11 in person, and on-demand talks will be available from researchers approximately July 25-October 31, 2022.

“ReQTable: a square tabletop display that provides two-sided atmospheric images for each of 4 users”

Breakthroughs in the development of technology have crossed many subfields of computer graphics and interactive technologies.

Mk Haley, President of SIGGRAPH 2022 Emerging Technologies, shared, “I am delighted to share the 2022 programme, which showcases the latest innovations in computer graphics and interactive technologies across some really interesting use case scenarios.” “This year, installations will take attendees through experiences that celebrate sensations, accessibility, virtual screens, and even electrical muscle stimulation, to name a few. SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies continues to discover the next generation of contributors from around the world.”

View profiles of Emerging Technologies in Vancouver Include:

Waving Blanket: Dynamic fluid distribution for multiple touch effects using a reconnectable piping system

contributors: Bing Hsuan HanAnd the Yu Yun ChenAnd the Wu Ting PanAnd the Hwi Won HsooAnd the Jin Rong JiangAnd the Win Joon WooNational Taipei University of Technology

Perception of multiple tactile sensations in virtual reality is one of the keys to enabling a compelling and immersive experience. This research presents Waving Blanket, an outcome of their goal of providing multiple stimulations in a single technology to reduce the effort involved in integrating tactile devices.

ReQTable: a square tabletop display that provides two-sided mid-air images for each of four users

contributors: Mizuki Takinawa, Tomoyo KikuchiAnd the Yoshi YahagiAnd the Shoujo FukushimaAnd the Takeshi NimuraThe University of Tokyo

This paper proposed an optical system that displayed two-sided mid-air images for each of our four users. In this study, they propose ways to suppress unwanted light (stray light) using linear polarizers and VCFs.

Demonstrate electric head operation: enable interactive systems to manipulate head orientation directly

contributors: Yudai TanakaAnd the Shan Yuan TengAnd the John NishidaAnd the Pedro LopezAnd the University of Chicago

This paper demonstrates a new interface concept where interactive systems directly deal with the user’s head orientation through two applications: finding visual targets in mixed reality while the system directs their point of view; A VR roller coaster where the user’s head shakes their head up as the ride accelerates.

Feeling stimulating visualization for people with reduced lower body movement and sensations with micro-visual stimulation

contributors: Hyukjin Jang, Taehee Kim, Seoyoung ohAnd the Jeongmi LeeAnd the Sunghee LeeAnd the sang ho yoonKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

During this research, they demonstrated a partial locomotion technique based on upper body motion tracking to induce embodiment sensation (SoE) for people with impaired lower body motion and sensation (PRLMS). As a result of these methods, they found the potential positive effect of visible micromotor on SoE in a PRLMS asynchronous VR trial.

“For 2022, the Immersive Pavilion will highlight research that shows exciting and new use cases for action in metaverse, immersive gameplay, live VR demonstrations, and exploratory use cases for augmented devices by covering many aspects of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality,” he said. SIGGRAPH 2022 immersive wing chair Derek Hamm. “It’s exciting to see how technologies are pushing boundaries to help advance the way we communicate, create and learn.”

Highlights of the 2022 immersive pavilion include:

magazine My trip: Smooth interaction in virtual and reality with digital fabrication and sensory feedback

contributors: Miguel Ying Jie thenAnd the Ching LuiAnd the Yvonne Tsai ChenAnd the Zen Yen LimAnd the Bing Haswan HanNational Taipei University of Technology

This paper explores the possibilities of integrating seamless interactions in virtual and real life. They allowed the choices that users make in the virtual world to take out into the real world, thus enhancing the connection between reality and the virtual world.

Mixed Reality Collaboration for Complementary Work Methods

contributors: Kero Wang, Zhou WangAnd the Carl RosenbergAnd the Cheney HeyAnd the Dong Woo YooAnd the On Go ChristopherAnd the Ken BerlinNew York University’s Future Reality Lab/Courant Institute

This project combines immersive virtual reality, multi-touch augmented reality, real-time volumetric capture, tactile multi-scale automated interfaces, spatial audio, and direct coding in the service of a human-centric collaboration method. Bring your unique talents and preferences together to tackle these complex problems together in a shared mixed reality world.

Delirium leave

contributors: Isjtar Vandebroeck, Eric Joriscrew

This unfettered nomadic virtual reality experience combines socially intelligent avatars, live actor, and stunning environments to diffuse technology developed under the current EU Horizon 2020 research project. This single performance is based on crowd-imaging and animation technology developed by Inria and Cubic Motion (Epic). Games).

In Search of the Plastic Image: The Media Archeology of Scan Processing Coexisting with Smell Dysfunction: A Multisensory Virtual Reality Experience

contributors: Yuting WangZiqing Li, BroadAR

This project is an immersive multisensory virtual reality experience that explores the daily struggles of those with invisible disabilities, such as impaired sense of smell. Using new motion capture technologies, real-time odor mapping, animation, and 360-degree video, Living with Smell Weakness puts the audience in the shoes of the everyday life of someone with an odor disorder.

Madrid Neuer

contributors: James CastilloAnd the Luke GibbardAnd the Jack ShawNo ghost. Antoine CairoFifth Atlas

Join Lola, the frustrated young woman who arrives Madrid To unpack her uncle’s detached apartment after his death was announced, to immerse yourself in an interactive VR experience inspired by the movie Noir. This 45-minute mystery adventure unfolds across two actions in this virtual reality movie

Made in Brooklyn Toys

contributors: Hesvasio Hassan, Alicia Marisal, Made in Brooklyn Toys; mane marquisJustChop Animation; Nico KorolojAnd the nicko korolog music; Olga AndreevaZantara

The Multiverse Museum experience includes a deserted and closed museum, a microcosm of the community’s dwindling view of minority artists, and the selective amnesia of history toward the contributions of people of color during this immersive experience. The hope is to correct the injustice caused by the underrepresentation that these artists receive in mainstream popular culture and to give a voice to the unheard or forgotten.

Access to the SIGGRAPH 2022 Emerging Technologies and Immersive Pavilion Program is available at different enrollment levels. Learn more and register for the conference at


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