Skull session: NFL scouts want to see CJ Stroud Run, Marcus Freeman comments problematic, Felix Ocabra has big developments

I am one of the A few elite Many, many people considered by AEP to be unworthy of electricity.

As a result, I am writing today’s Skull session from a portable hotspot in a house with a score of 85.

God bless.

Word of the day: Heat generator.

Use those legs. To everyone who spent last season complaining that one of the most prolific passers-by in Ohio State football history with one of the most talented receiving teams of all time had to turn the ball more often…

congratulations! You are basically an NFL scout!

As someone who is very interested in seeing him play 15 games this season, personally I want him to run as few times as possible in like 95 percent of next season’s games. But if he wanted to come out 50 yards in the third against Michigan or something, I guess I wouldn’t be too angry.

Feet, meet the mouth. Marcus Freeman hasn’t even coached a regular season game yet, and he’s already causing many hailstorms on social media for himself because he can’t stop saying stupid nonsense about his alma mater.

If you somehow missed it yesterday, Freeman basically suggested that Ohio State players don’t have to go to class, and instead can just “take some lessons online, and show up on your appointments.”

There are, uh, several problems here.

First, anyone who’s attended Ohio State at least since Urban Meyer took over knows that it’s impossible for a football player to skip class. It does not happen. There are people who literally get paid to walk around the campus and make sure the players are in their ranks.

Even Jake Pat knows!

Second, it probably wouldn’t be smarter to try to accuse other schools of shady academic shit when it was your team that dealt with a high-profile cheating scandal. less than 10 years Under the leadership of the coach I worked for.

The NCAA announced Tuesday that it has ordered Notre Dame to cancel all 21 wins in the 2012-13 seasons, including the 12-0 round in which the Fighting Irish jumped into the national title match against Alabama, because A former student-athletic coach committed academic misconduct by doing major coursework for players and unapologetically assisting six others.

“You can’t fool the academics at Notre Dame.”

Yes, except for the eight guys who did – and those are just the ones who got caught.

Then there’s the phrase “We don’t have online classes!” something, And that’s not true. Then there’s the fact that online classes barely existed when Freeman was in Ohio. And even if there was, isn’t that just a subjective possession? Dude here out there belittles his testimony.

All in all, it’s just plain dumb levels and levels, and it might be in his best interest to simply refrain from talking about Ohio until September. But for me, I hope it never stops. It’s a #content machine.

He woke up! It’s been a long time since the Buckeyes had a real big guy over the edge in the position. But I am somewhat optimistic that this will change with Felix Opara.


This guy is seven feet tall and there is plenty of space between his feet and the ground.

People of this height are not supposed to be athletic. I’m glad he’s on my team.

Why Columbus? When they signed their letters of intent, each Buckeye made a conscious and active decision to make Columbus, Ohio their home for several years.

Here are some of the reasons.

No one has mentioned that it is the birthplace of American hero “Macho” Randy Savage.

I’m so embarrassed.

Today’s song. “Feeling Hot Hot Hot” by Merrymen.

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