Studio Theater Worcester presents an interesting and entertaining mental health screening music show

Kevin T. Baldwin

Brandon Lee and Michael Skrzyk in a scene from the musical

“Maybe we can’t be okay but maybe we’ll be strong and we’ll try anyway.”

WORCESTER – Studio Theater Worcester has received a positive diagnosis for its powerful musical, “Next to Normal,” continuing a strong brand established by the group’s mission statement to deliver Worcester Community productions of “quality theatrical works.”

The musical theater, which features a book and lyrics by Brian Yorkie and music by Tom Kate, has been praised as a somber or even “angry” “dark” musician.

It’s not any of those things – although the “worry” is not worth some consideration.

It’s unmistakable music – a stark and honest portrayal of a troubled family trying to work their way out of a tangled web of dysfunction, woven by a nasty mix of mental illness, misery and medicine.