Rain hinders tracing in Italian avalanche

ROME (AFP) – Thunderstorms on Monday hampered the search for more than a dozen hikers who had been missing for a day after a large section of a glacier collapsed in Italy’s Alps, sending avalanches, snow and rocks onto the slope. Italian state television said another body had been found, bringing the known death toll … Read more

The Russians are pressing on the city of eastern Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine (AFP) – Russian forces have bombed the city of Lyschansk and its surroundings in an all-out effort to seize the last bastion of resistance in eastern Ukraine’s Luhansk province, Ukraine’s governor said Saturday. Ukrainian fighters spent weeks trying to defend the city and prevent it from falling into the hands of Russia, as … Read more

Russian missiles kill at least 21 in Ukraine’s Odessa region

POKROVSK, Ukraine (Associated Press) – A Russian air strike in residential areas killed at least 21 people early Friday morning near the Ukrainian port of Odessa, authorities said, a day after Russian forces withdrew from a Black Sea island that appeared to ease the situation. severity of the crisis. threat to the city. Video of … Read more

Most of the nation is on the wrong track, including Democrats: AP-NORC poll

Washington (AFP) – The vast and growing majority of Americans say the United States is heading in the wrong direction, including nearly 8 in 10 Democrats, according to a new poll that found deep pessimism about the economy. President Joe Biden is suffering. 85% of US adults say the country is on the wrong track, … Read more

To combat coral bleaching, Kenya turns to reef nurseries

by WANJOHI KABUKURU 27 June 2022 GMT https://apnews.com/article/climate-africa-corals-e35730bb19b65a9cfa76e4d010d18a27 WASINI, Kenya (AP) – Minutes from the Kenyan mainland, the densely forested Wasini Island is one of several staging lines for reef restoration efforts in the western Indian Ocean. On a rare calm day during the usually turbulent monsoon season, four divers alternately carrying measuring equipment, shoes … Read more

Biden urges Western unity on Ukraine amid war fatigue

ELMAO, Germany (AP) – President Joe Biden and his Western allies opened a three-day summit In the Bavarian Alps on Sunday, they are determined to prevent the economic fallout from the war in Ukraine from unraveling the global coalition working to punish Russian aggression. Britain’s Boris Johnson has warned leaders not to give in to … Read more

Ukrainian army leaves devastated city for fortified positions

Kyiv, Ukraine (AFP) – After weeks of fierce fightingUkrainian forces have begun to withdraw from a besieged city in the east of the country to move to stronger positions, a regional official said on Friday, a four-month mark of the Russian invasion. The planned withdrawal from Severodonetsk, the administrative center of the Luhansk region, comes … Read more

UK Conservatives lose election twice in blow to Boris Johnson

London (AFP) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was dealt a double blow as voters rejected his Conservative Party in a special parliamentary election dominated by questions about his leadership and morals.. He was further hurt when the party chief resigned after results came out early Friday, saying the Conservatives “cannot continue business as usual” … Read more

John Williams, 90, walks away from the movie, but not the music

New York (AFP) – After more than six decades of cycling, sending panicked swimmers ashore and other close encounters, John Williams is laying down the final notes for what might be his last movie. “Right now, I’m working on ‘Indian Jones 5,’ which Harrison Ford – who is a little younger than me – has … Read more

Fed Chair Powell faces mounting criticism over inflation slips

Washington (AFP) – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has won praise for his shrewd leadership during the downward spiral of a pandemic recession. With threats to the US economy mounting, though, Powell increasingly shocked Fed watchers as being far less confident. Inflation proved to be higher and more stable What he or the Fed’s economists … Read more