Dari Deja: She shares her art with us, prays for peace | Brazos 360

Billy Brown Dari Deja, who is of Russian origin, found a home in Brian with her husband and three children after immigrating to the United States in November 2013. The 45-year-old opened her own art gallery – Degalerie, now on Rosemary Road in Brian – in March 2016. Her love for art dates back to … Read more

Tasmanian painter Tom O’Hearn talks about how he became ‘good at drawing really bad’

Artist Tom O’Hearn says he’s likely to make more money heading out into the wilds of Tasmania with some oils than his art path is. Instead of mastering landscapes, he said he became poorly good at drawing. “I love being out in the wild somewhere with a huge canvas smudged with oil paints,” O’Hearn said. … Read more

Giant planet, robot and satellite: this is Europe’s largest outdoor digital art gallery

“We spend the time of our lives” Blue ocean lighting reads right inside the entrance to Athens’ largest public park, Pedion tou Areos, the temporary home of Plásmata, a digital art gallery of gigantic proportions. Just steps away from a monument to King Constantine I, the sign – courtesy of Danish artist group Superflex, reminiscent … Read more

Viewpoint: With global stock markets turbulent, a healthy corporate culture is more important than ever. Here’s what you need to know.

Company culture can be difficult to define and even difficult to measure—one of the most important factors shaping a company’s long-term performance. I’ve seen this up close in companies ranging from Berkshire Hathaway BRK.A, -1.74% BRK.B, -1.57%And the which I wrote about inBerkshire Beyond Buffett: The Lasting Value of ValuesTo Constellation Software CNSWF, -1.68%And the … Read more

York Art Gallery by Tim Burns Suspended After Aboriginal Claims

Cave Hill Farm is located outside the town of Wheatbelt in York – a sacred site for the indigenous Ballardong people. the main points: WA art show has been taken down after allegations of indigenous takeover of a sacred site The artist says he followed protocols and received permission from official guardians. The issue sparked … Read more

Pimco Bond King wins a technical war against his neighbor in Laguna Beach

Bond King Bill Gross has finally won a war of influence against his neighbor with more than a million dollars in an art installation at the billionaire’s beachside home in California. distance A protracted legal battlethe former CEO of PIMCO and his wife, Amy Gross, have secured Laguna Beach lawmakers’ approval to keep their million-dollar, … Read more

Art Tui Bussenschutt, 12, sells first solo exhibition of quirky, hand-drawn illustrations

With the work-from-home movement booming, co-working cafés that display original artwork have sprung up in regional areas, as well as in cities. 12-year-old Art Toy Businchot, who cites Basquiat and Picasso as influences, is one artist benefiting from a show at a café in Berry on the south coast of New South Wales. His first … Read more

How Shahzieh Sikander has reshaped the art of miniature painting

In 2019, two Persian paintings were sold at a private auction in London for eight hundred thousand pounds each. The panels were illuminated scrolls, or “miniature” panels, and they belong to the same book: the fifteenth-century version of Nahj al-Firdas, which narrates Muhammad’s journey through the layers of heaven and hell. The original book, once … Read more