The report finds that the Southern Company has known about climate change for decades while financing climate denial

The Southern Company headquarters are in Atlanta.picture: Christopher Triplear Seba (AP) One of the largest and most profitable electrical companies public utility companies The United States has been aware of climate change for decades and yet continues to build fossil fuel facilities while funding groups that contribute to climate disinformation, Report Released Wednesday found. Executives … Read more

Mysterious problems keep gates closed at tennis parks

Experts are trying to determine what can be done to address the baffling issue that closed the new tennis courts at Binghamton theme park. Workers at Broome Bituminous Products of Vestal removed the top layer of asphalt from the collector in April. Then the courts reappeared. Mayor Jared Graham said the materials originally used in … Read more

Boys Season 3 review: Superhero satire is getting tiring

Guess who is the villain? Surprise! Both! We love to see bad guys!!!picture: Prime video This is the thing about boys: It may be entertaining, but it basically fails because we already know the world is bad, and this show doesn’t offer a different perspective. Imagination will always present an alternative world to the one … Read more

“Careem” magazine returns as an expanding world | Music news | Detroit

Click to enlarge Courtesy of Karim Entertainment Hoody boy is back. rock and roll magazine generousfounded in Detroit in 1969 and known for its writers whose distinct personalities competed with the stars they covered, and are officially back – for truly Really, this time. The new chapter of the popular music magazine has been described … Read more

Eating a Big Mac every day is honestly a good thing

Donald Gorske on the throne of the Big Macpicture: Guinness World Records Some people are destined for greatness. Some become scholars. Some mediation of peace treaties to save the world. Some have eaten a Big Mac for lunch every day for 50 years in a row. I am referring, of course, to Donald Gorsky, the … Read more