Finding the molecular keys that could lead to a healthier Mexican population

Mexican geneticist Céline Lisbeth Fernandez Valverde Celine Lisbeth Fernandez Valverde Mexican geneticist Selene Lizbeth Fernández Valverde searches for non-coding RNA associated with specific population traits and metabolic disorders such as diabetes in a population of Mexico. Fernandez ValverdePrincipal Investigator at the Advanced Genomics Unit, Langebiu From Cinvestav in Irapuato, Mexico, this type of RNA is … Read more

Call for urgent action as Australia grapples with biodiversity crisis | environment news

Conservation campaigner Gregory Andrews has warned that Australia’s biodiversity is “the worst that has ever happened” and that the new Labor government will have to work hard to address the damage to the environment. As an Aboriginal Australian from D’harawal Country, Andrews feels driven to care about his country’s land and biodiversity. He was appointed … Read more

You Can Dance If You Want: How the Internet Reacted to the Socceroos’ Victory and Andrew Redmayne’s Championships

When football coach Graham Arnold asked for a replacement, and it became clear that his goalkeeper and captain, Matt Ryan, would jog to be replaced by Andrew Redmayne, it started. Nervous laughter at best, choppy anger at worst, suddenly exploded online response to the most daring tech alternative. loading loading loading loading It is worth … Read more

Fitness First and Goodlife Health Clubs have announced the permanent closure of childcare facilities

Members of Goodlife Health clubs and Fitness First have become furious after announcing the cancellation of a very popular service across Australia. A major Australian fitness chain has announced it is closing childcare facilities at 89 gyms nationwide, angering parents. The Fitness and Lifestyle Group currently operates nursery facilities in the top level Fitness First … Read more