Retirement sparks thoughts of UK players and favorite games

Jerry Tipton has covered University of Kentucky basketball for the Herald Leader since 1981-1982. The Hall of Fame writer has just completed his final week on the beat and is taking years of fond memories into retirement. Silas Walker travel wheeler And the Lance Weir They were the Kentucky players at the Name, Picture, … Read more

Steph-mania has leaked to the WNBA

The death of an NBA team (for now)

The Warriors is built over time.picture: Getty Images The Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors finals were one of the most attractive tournament fights in recent memory. The Celtics were torn apart by Cinderella on their way to take on post-war Kevin Durant Warriors. Both teams organically built the backbone of their roster through skillful … Read more

Gamer Freddett, NBA Lottery prospective Usar and Amin Thompson among the big names participating in the 2022 TBT

Former National Player of the Year Jimmer Freddet and Top 10 Potential NBA Players pick Ussar and Amin Thompson for the 2022 NBA Championship. The 64-team TBT bracket, released Wednesday, features a record 71 players with NBA experience as well as 29 college alumni teams. For the first time in the event’s history, the TBT … Read more

WNBA’s Griner’s wife told The Associated Press that the scheduled call never happened

Sheryl Greiner said Monday that Britney Greiner tried to call her wife nearly a dozen times through the US Embassy in Russia on the couple’s fourth anniversary on Saturday, but they never called because the embassy’s phone line was not staffed. . The pair have not spoken on the phone in the four months since … Read more

steve curry is black swan

steve currypicture: Getty Images The black swan theory was an idea developed by a former stock trader Tel breezeeb in 2007. As explained by Taleb, a theoretical black swan can be summed up as an event or outside of realistic expectations that has a great impact on history and makes experts come up with explanations, … Read more

College basketball leaders are thinking about what the future of the game will look like

With over 1,700 players in the NCAA transfer portal, as well as countless names, image, and likeness contracts endorsed, and conferences (including the Southeastern Conference) adding or losing programs, college basketball is giving new meaning to the term “transitional game.” . What will college basketball look like in the future? Here is a selection of … Read more

When will we see Michael Jordan vs LeBron James for the NBA title

You know you want it.picture: Getty Images It’s the 2043 NBA Finals. It’s impossible to ignore East Coast erosion, and it would be illegal to hold summer soccer activities outdoors because in most places the average temperature would be 115 degrees. But inside, the match the world has been waiting for is finally going to … Read more

Kenny Payne: Louisville NIL men’s basketball won’t be used for court recruiting

Louisville, Kentucky – When the University of Louisville named Kenny Payne to be the next head coach for their men’s basketball program in mid-March, he was met with near-universal acclaim from the UofL fan base. From his experience as a former Cardinal to his abilities as a player developer, hope for the program’s future began … Read more

Big Ten Roundup: Joe Lunardi’s Latest NCAA Championship Rankings

It’s never too early to learn about arcs, is it? Joe Lonardi from ESPN He released his last attempt to predict the NCAA 2023 Championship on Tuesday. His class featured eight of the Big Ten, which was more than any other conference. And Lonardi awarded Gonzaga, the first seed, followed by North Carolina, Houston and … Read more