Opinion: S&P 500 charts point to more losses in the stock market

Last week, the S&P 500 dropped to new relative lows. It is now trading at prices last seen in March 2021. This latest downward move violated the support at 4100-4200 and prompted a quick move down towards potential support at 3900. The next support area below is 3700 – the February and March 2021 lows. … Read more

Musk’s Twitter deal not confirmed

This looks like a hole you can drive an electronic truck through, but Wall Street is really careful. Elon Musk‘s purchase agreement Twitter TWTR -1.75% For $54.20, the stock leaves plenty of money on the table for anyone who wants to ride their tail. The social media company’s stock is currently about 12% lower than … Read more

Opinion: keep calm – there is no slack to come. These 13 stocks may rise as investors find out

The so-called hard landing of the US economy will not happen. It is a false fear. We may have a bumpy landing, but the odds of a hard landing – a possible recession – are low for the reasons below. If I’m right, it confirms what very negative sentiment tells us: Stocks are a buy. … Read more

Here is a list of 50 well-armed companies to beat inflation

On Tuesday, another turn of the cards may be in the cards after a series of concerns including stagflation dragged the S&P 500 SPX. Below 4,000 for the first time since 2021. As investors try to regroup from Worst 3-day stock stretch in two yearsMichael O’Rourke, chief strategist at JonesTrading, says another tough day of … Read more

Face recognition startup Clearview AI agrees to restrictions in court settlement

CHICAGO – Facial recognition startup Clearview AI has agreed to restrict the use of its massive collection of facial images to settle allegations that it collected images of people without their consent. The company agreed in a legal filing Monday to permanently stop selling access to its face database to private companies or individuals across … Read more

Retirees are facing a whirlwind in the market. This is what consultants say they should do.

Given market conditions, retirees can be forgiven if they feel investing in the moment is like running with the scissors. Risks and uncertainties abound: high inflation, the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to combat rising prices, the war in Ukraine, the supply chain, and more. Markets have Projection– Then he dropped over. The Dow Jones … Read more

Here is the next great tennis teenager

This sports column will spend 800 or more words talking about the phenomenon of teenage men’s tennis by Carlos Alcaraz, so for the sake of restraint, I want to start with some reasonable Yes, but reservations. Yes, but: Alacaraz is young, and tennis has a terrible habit of raising young players prematurely, creating unfair burdens … Read more