Virtual surgery platforms are gaining traction

Access to health care has always been a global problem, with people in rural areas suffering the most. There are not enough clinically trained physicians and specialists in the world who are in the areas that need them most, resulting in large disparities in health outcomes. Lack of access to surgery is part of this … Read more

How to use Google Password Manager on the encryption device

picture: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP (Getty Images) Ultimately, Google and other big tech companies want it dispense with passwords Exactly, but until that day comes, a Google Password Manager feature called On-Device Encryption might be your best bet for protecting your precious codes. Even though she quietly walked out earlier this springNow you can easily access the … Read more

How two Africans overcame prejudice to build a startup worth billions

A twenty-year-old couple from Uganda and Ghana believed that there was wealth to be made by providing transnational financial services to the 1.2 billion people in Africa. With 5 million users, San Francisco-based Chipper Cash is just getting started. IIt was summer 2018and Ham Serunjogi, a 24-year-old Ugandan immigrant, thought his bid for venture capital … Read more

India can turn to its past for the responsibility of quantum computing

The pioneering mathematical innovations in this field were carried out by the genius mathematician of the twentieth century, Srinivasa Ramanujan. He made great advances in mathematics that paved the way for countless innovations in cryptography. His works became the bedrock of many developments in the fields of modern mathematics and computer. As Western countries and … Read more