The legal battle of ‘Friday the 13th’ is just the tip of the Hollywood horror story

Reboot never happened. While King James was occupying court, Jason Voorhees was stuck in one, the subject of a legal battle that left the horror franchise in limbo. Before he became a lawyer, Zarner was a victim of Jason Voorhees. fatal case For half a decade, “Friday the 13th” has been stuck in a copyright … Read more

The fourth stage of the MCU does not have much contact, which is great

in the first 10 years of filmmakingMarvel Studios created something of a legend that continues to this day: “In Feige We Trust,” fans will rejoice, as if praying to ward off evil rather than Notable relationship With a man worth hundreds of millions of dollars. idea that Marvel movies They were all building for something … Read more

Musk’s Twitter deal not confirmed

This looks like a hole you can drive an electronic truck through, but Wall Street is really careful. Elon Musk‘s purchase agreement Twitter TWTR -1.75% For $54.20, the stock leaves plenty of money on the table for anyone who wants to ride their tail. The social media company’s stock is currently about 12% lower than … Read more

Mario Batali’s Experience on Sexual Misconduct: Day Two Updates

BOSTON (AFP) – Mario Batali was found guilty of indecent assault and battery Tuesday, after a speedy trial in which a celebrity chef waived his right. For a jury to decide his fate in a criminal case stemming from the global #MeToo movement against sexual assault and harassment. The 61-year-old former Food Network ex-man quickly … Read more

Doctor Strange 2 Spoiler Interview: Cameos, End Credits, More

One of the best things about Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Does he practically force you to talk about it once it’s over? the movies Multiple surprises and loose ends Leave plenty of questions to be answered, so we sat down with one of the few people who had the answers: Author Michael … Read more

Black Keys are still raw, fast and loose in Dropout Boogie

NASHVILLE, Tenn (AP) – Two decades ago, two high school dropouts from Akron, Ohio, recorded a rock album together and sent it to a small business in Los Angeles. But then the hard part came: Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney had to learn to play music live. Both in their early twenties, Auerbach had experience … Read more

Hacks are on the road in their perfect second season

Jan Smart and Hana Einbender V hackspicture: Karen Ballard / HBO Max It’s hard to top the first season of hacksAnd The scathingly funny HBO Max series is about two women (one Generation Z, the other a boomer) who navigate the male-dominated world of stand-up comedy. With a unique blend of scathing humor, insightful social … Read more

A savage piece of sci-fi movie history

“Multipass.” Milla Jovovich as Lilo V The fifth element.picture: Sony Pictures a few years ago the is one Dodging bullets at the matrix Or Darth Maul appeared in phantom dangerwhich is the name of the redhead savior Lilo said “Multipass. 90’s It was a great time for science fiction fans, with instant hits like Jurassic … Read more

Popcorn 1991 Slasher Retro Review: Fun, Campy Horror

screenshot: Three Film Studio Company If you think of the bone-level plot of the earth, there is nothing remarkable about 1991 popcorn. that it slasher movie to which he adheres 100% classic structure: A tragedy in the past provokes a vengeful killer into the present, who then sets out to exhume their victims one by … Read more

Nelly, Cole Swindell, Jimmy Allen Among 30 Festival Works Added to NASCAR Cup Weekend Series | Blender

Music, motorsports and technology line up for the new Confluence Festival: Crossroads of Concert & Community, taking place June 3-5 at World Wide Technology Raceway in Madison. The festival is part of the NASCAR Cup Series Enjoy Illinois 300. The event begins June 2 with the free Ballpark Village Fan Fest, which includes a live … Read more