Giant planet, robot and satellite: this is Europe’s largest outdoor digital art gallery

“We spend the time of our lives” Blue ocean lighting reads right inside the entrance to Athens’ largest public park, Pedion tou Areos, the temporary home of Plásmata, a digital art gallery of gigantic proportions. Just steps away from a monument to King Constantine I, the sign – courtesy of Danish artist group Superflex, reminiscent … Read more

Art Tui Bussenschutt, 12, sells first solo exhibition of quirky, hand-drawn illustrations

With the work-from-home movement booming, co-working cafés that display original artwork have sprung up in regional areas, as well as in cities. 12-year-old Art Toy Businchot, who cites Basquiat and Picasso as influences, is one artist benefiting from a show at a café in Berry on the south coast of New South Wales. His first … Read more