Rory McIlroy says PGA Tour players joining the LIV Golf Invitational Series have taken the ‘easy way’

Brooklyn, Mass. – Rory McIlroy He said he was disappointed that some PGA Tour players had taken the “easy way” and joined the LIV Golf Invitational Series competition, and how the six-time main champ Phil Mickelson Help create the new circuit. McIlroy, speaking at a press conference on Tuesday ahead of this week’s US Open … Read more

In the hottest cities on Earth, mothers bear the brunt of climate change

Jacobabad in Pakistan reaches 51°C (124°F) Women are especially vulnerable to extreme heat – studies Scientists warn that pregnant women are at greater risk More photo essay: JAKOBABAD, Pakistan (Pakistan) (Reuters) – A pregnant Sunari weighs in under the blazing sun in fields filled with bright yellow watermelons in Jacobabad, which last month became the … Read more

Delicious name but no Big Mac: Russia opens renamed McDonald’s restaurants

June 12 (Reuters) – It may look and smell like McDonald’s, but it’s now Vkusno & tochka. The golden arches are gone, filet or fish is just a fish burger. Big Mac left Russia. A new era of fast food and economic scene dawned in Russia on Sunday, as McDonald’s (MCD.N) Restaurants have opened their … Read more

A little delight for Russian beer lovers with bite penalties

June 6 (Reuters) – “Sorry, that was our last bottle of Czech beer,” said a waiter at a restaurant in central Moscow, a month after Russia sent troops into Ukraine and the West imposed sweeping sanctions. More than 100 days after what Russia calls a special military operation in Ukraine, foreign alcoholic beverages are still … Read more

China’s pig farmers are moving to high-tech in pushing for self-sufficiency

The world’s largest pork producer depends on foreign breeds Some companies are already working on improving pig performance independently High cost and inexperience make improvements difficult CHIFENG, China (Reuters) – Tiny ear tissue fragments cut from hours-old pigs provide valuable clues to the team at Best Genetics Group (BGG) as it strives to improve genetics … Read more