The ugly truth about online pharmacies

You are tired of spending a lot of money on prescription drugs, and you are perusing some very professional looking websites of online drugstores. Buildings and promises are tempting. Save money, free shipping, no prescriptions required, no need to visit a doctor. Except, if you don’t know what to look for, it’s very possible to … Read more

The Illinois governor’s race is also a battle between health, medicine and fitness billionaires

By Sarah Burnett and John O’Connor – The Associated Press WACONDA, Illinois (Associated Press) – The race to be the next Illinois governor is also a battle between billionaires, including two whose names will not appear on Tuesday’s preliminary ballot. Republican candidates Darren Bailey, who as state legislator battled pandemic measures such as mandates for … Read more

Stop Call of Special Army Defense Online Fantasy Chat

New York — Court records showed that a member of the military accused of plotting to murder members of his unit abroad with the help of a secret violent anarchist group was planning a defense describing the whole thing as an online fantasy before pleading guilty right before the trial. Defense plans for Ethan Phelan … Read more

Of America’s 50 major housing markets, only 6 now have more new real estate listings than they did before the pandemic. This is what that might mean

San Francisco is one area with more new listings than pre-pandemic ones. Getty Images Even as mortgage rates continue to climb (Check out the lowest prices you can qualify for here), housing prices continued to rise. One of the main factors driving up housing prices is that America is currently facing a shortage of real … Read more

You’ll know the bear market is coming to an end when anxious investors hit the “panic” button.

The end of the bear market is not near. This is according to a contradictory analysis of stock market sentiment: The US stock market has not yet experienced the extreme pessimism seen at the major bottoms. You may certainly feel that there is a lot of pessimism and despair on Wall Street. But this downward … Read more

Think carefully before you trade in your old smartphone or tablet – you can make more money “recycling” on resale sites

When it comes to the old personal technology found throughout the home — from smartphones to tablets to game consoles — many people may not realize how much value is left in their devices. Keeping tech out of landfills or just collecting dust in the back of the closet by exploring resale sites that match … Read more

Dog Show 101: What’s in the Westminster Kennel Club | Health, medicine and fitness

By Jennifer Peltz – The Associated Press TARIETOWN, New York (AP) – Thousands of dogs began competing Monday for the prize for best in show at the famous Westminster Kennel Club dog show. To the casual viewer, the annual show of dapper handlers who lead polite dogs around the ring may seem like a somewhat … Read more

McCartney celebrates his 80th birthday with Springsteen, 60,000 friends

East Rutherford, NJ – It’s hard to think of a better way for Paul McCartney to celebrate his 80th birthday than to sing “Days of Glory” onstage with Bruce Springsteen or have some 60,000 well-wishers sing it. That’s right, the “cute Beatles” will turn 80 on Saturday. It’s one of those cultural attractions that brings … Read more

The economy is heading for a hard landing. Larry Summers on Inflation, Recession, and the Federal Reserve.

Economist Lawrence Summers never joined the Transitory team, or the economists, investment strategists, and Federal Reserve members who believed that inflation It will be a temporary phenomenon. Instead, he warned early and often that the massive fiscal and monetary stimulus launched in response to the impact of the Covid pandemic Leads to overheating of the … Read more

Happy Father’s Day, Dr. Cronin

The writer, fourth from right, is in the arms of her sister, Ingrid, as their father graduates from medical school. picture: Courtesy of the Cronin family When I was three, I would sometimes walk beside my father while my mother was busy with my eight brothers and sisters. I was young and my dad was … Read more