The Russians are pressing on the city of eastern Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine (AFP) – Russian forces have bombed the city of Lyschansk and its surroundings in an all-out effort to seize the last bastion of resistance in eastern Ukraine’s Luhansk province, Ukraine’s governor said Saturday. Ukrainian fighters spent weeks trying to defend the city and prevent it from falling into the hands of Russia, as … Read more

Biden’s offshore drilling proposal would allow up to 11 sales | Health, medicine and fitness

By Janet McConaughey and Matthew Brown, Associated Press New Orleans (AFP) – President Joe Biden’s administration on Friday proposed as many as 10 oil and gas sales in the Gulf of Mexico and one off the coast of Alaska over the next five years – contradicting Democrats’ sales. Climate promises But the Trump-era plan, which … Read more

Most of the nation is on the wrong track, including Democrats: AP-NORC poll

Washington (AFP) – The vast and growing majority of Americans say the United States is heading in the wrong direction, including nearly 8 in 10 Democrats, according to a new poll that found deep pessimism about the economy. President Joe Biden is suffering. 85% of US adults say the country is on the wrong track, … Read more

Wisconsin Democrats focus anger on Republican Senator Johnson | Health, medicine and fitness

By Scott Bauer – The Associated Press Madison, Wisconsin (AFP) – Wisconsin Democrats look to oust Republican Senator Ron Johnson They focused their attack on him on Sunday, not each other, as the eight candidates made their case to party activists at the state convention held six weeks before the primaries. Democratic Senate candidates criticized … Read more

Biden urges Western unity on Ukraine amid war fatigue

ELMAO, Germany (AP) – President Joe Biden and his Western allies opened a three-day summit In the Bavarian Alps on Sunday, they are determined to prevent the economic fallout from the war in Ukraine from unraveling the global coalition working to punish Russian aggression. Britain’s Boris Johnson has warned leaders not to give in to … Read more

The Illinois governor’s race is also a battle between health, medicine and fitness billionaires

By Sarah Burnett and John O’Connor – The Associated Press WACONDA, Illinois (Associated Press) – The race to be the next Illinois governor is also a battle between billionaires, including two whose names will not appear on Tuesday’s preliminary ballot. Republican candidates Darren Bailey, who as state legislator battled pandemic measures such as mandates for … Read more

Stop Call of Special Army Defense Online Fantasy Chat

New York — Court records showed that a member of the military accused of plotting to murder members of his unit abroad with the help of a secret violent anarchist group was planning a defense describing the whole thing as an online fantasy before pleading guilty right before the trial. Defense plans for Ethan Phelan … Read more

Ukrainian army leaves devastated city for fortified positions

Kyiv, Ukraine (AFP) – After weeks of fierce fightingUkrainian forces have begun to withdraw from a besieged city in the east of the country to move to stronger positions, a regional official said on Friday, a four-month mark of the Russian invasion. The planned withdrawal from Severodonetsk, the administrative center of the Luhansk region, comes … Read more

UK Conservatives lose election twice in blow to Boris Johnson

London (AFP) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was dealt a double blow as voters rejected his Conservative Party in a special parliamentary election dominated by questions about his leadership and morals.. He was further hurt when the party chief resigned after results came out early Friday, saying the Conservatives “cannot continue business as usual” … Read more

Fed Chair Powell faces mounting criticism over inflation slips

Washington (AFP) – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has won praise for his shrewd leadership during the downward spiral of a pandemic recession. With threats to the US economy mounting, though, Powell increasingly shocked Fed watchers as being far less confident. Inflation proved to be higher and more stable What he or the Fed’s economists … Read more