Explainer: how cities in the West get water in the midst of drought

As drought and climate change tighten their grip on the American West, the sight of fountains, pools, gardens, and golf courses in cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Boise, and Albuquerque can be disturbing at first glance. However, Western water experts say they are not necessarily a cause for concern. Over … Read more

Gas wells leaking explosive levels of methane in Bakersfield | Health, medicine and fitness

By DREW COSTLEY – AP . Science Writer Some Bakersfield residents are concerned about possible explosions after a government agency found that six idled oil wells near homes had been leaking methane in the past several days. State and regional inspectors have found methane concentrations in the air around some wells at potentially explosive levels, … Read more

Scientists say the universe is expanding faster than previously thought

The universe will double in size within 10 billion years, faster than previously thought “The funny thing is that it doesn’t match the prediction. It’s weird but exciting because in science, any time something doesn’t match your model, you have the ability to learn more about your model or understand your model,” said lead author … Read more