“That’s how bad your condition is.”

Amber Heard She recently appeared in her first TV interview since losing a high-profile defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp. Talking to today Show host Savannah Guthrie featured, the actress discussed her views regarding the trial verdict.

Shortly after the interview, journalist and political commentator Megyn Kelly spoke about Heard’s comments with her guests Emily Jaczynski and Ileana Johnson on The Megyn Kelly Show. According to Kelly, Heard’s team made a bad case and that ultimately cost her the trial.

“that they [jury] I still don’t believe you, that’s how bad your condition was.”

Megyn Kelly analyzes Heard’s interview on her eponymous show

Kelly called Heard first for saying she doesn’t care what other people think of her.

“Obviously she does,” Kelly said. “She’s been out of trial over and over again. How many media attempts she’s made, how many media manipulations she’s tried… The point is, she cares. She’s just saying she doesn’t because she just lost.”

The broadcaster then ridiculed Amber Heard’s claim that social media was “unfair” to her during the trial:

She was incredible and then social media flipped on her, or social media flipped on her and then jurors found her incredible. She thinks it’s the last, and I think it’s the first.”

Then Emily Jaczynski, culture editor at The Federalist, suggested that while Johnny Depp has an army of fans online, the social media reaction to Amber Heard has not been “slanted.” Jaczynski noted that everyone watched the trial live from the courtroom and shared their opinions based on the videos.

Then Kelly brought up Heard’s comment about not blaming the jury because she understood it deep She is “a likable character and a wonderful actor”. Heard claimed that the jurors reached their conclusion after hearing testimony from Depp’s “paid employees”.

“What you’re basically saying is that other lawyers did a better job than the lawyers I work with, and Johnny did a better job than I did and that was unfair, this ruling is against me.”

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Ileana Johnson, editor in chief at Free Beacon, stated that jurors would not be affected by social media as they were not allowed access to it during the trial. Megyn Kelly criticized Amber Heard’s an interview Also he said:

“Your lawyer has had the opportunity to point out all this in the cross-examination of witnesses and [they] I did, and you, Amber Heard, pointed this out when you were at the witness stand as well. The jury heard all of your defences, all of your attempts to make holes in these people’s credibility, and they dismissed them.”

She went on to comment on how odd Heard’s conception of the jury as a “powerless group” of people who couldn’t form their own opinions was.

“That doesn’t make the jury this impotent group of vulnerable people that the randeau and the salaried staff will affect. They took it all into account, and they still don’t believe you, that’s how bad your situation was.”

Although Megyn Kelly’s comments have gained traction online, Amber Heard has not responded to them.

What did Amber Heard say about the jury? today show interview?

Amber Heard said that she Savannah Guthrie I recently spoke to Amber Heard about the latter’s stance on her loss to Johnny Depp in a libel trial. The actress said that despite her loss, she did not blame the jury for her decision:

I don’t blame them. I actually understand. He is a likable character and people feel like they know him. He’s a great actor.”

She then claimed that the jurors were influenced by the testimonies given by Depp’s “paid staff” and “randos,” or random people:

How did they not come to this conclusion? They’ve sat in those benches and heard over three weeks of relentless testimonies from the salaried employees.”

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Heard also claimed that social media got angry at her during libel The trial was “unfair”:

“But even someone who is sure I deserve all this hate and vitriol, even if you think I’m lying, you still can’t look me in the eye and tell me you think on social media there is fair representation. You can’t tell me you think that was fair.” .

The actress added that she does not care about other people’s opinions and avoids taking the situation personally:

“I don’t care what one thinks of me or what judgments you want to make about what happened in the privacy of my home, and in my marriage, behind closed doors. I don’t suppose the average person should know these things. And so I don’t take it personally.” .

Amber Heard even said she would continue to stand by her certificate About her relationship with Depp and allegations of abuse against the actor.

Edited by Mohini Banerjee