The FSG ownership group is beginning to put its influence on the penguins

About six months into their stewardship as the new owners of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the influence and touch of Fenway Sports Group began to be felt on the franchise.

Last week, Pittsburgh Hockey Club’s biggest story included Kevin Acklen’s promotion to a job that would see him report to the FSG leadership in a role replacing former team president/CEO David Morehouse. And there was also to create a new role:

Murray has been hired away from the Sacramento Kings, but he also has hockey experience with the Anaheim Ducks, Hartford Wolfpack and Florida Panthers. “Murray will oversee strength hockey operations, personnel conditioning, rehabilitation, sports science, and medical staff,” the team says. So maybe she can get to work and help turn the team’s bad luck in the recent past.

Further changes in ownership will benefit fans by changing the management company of PPG Paints Arena.

It is rumored that the video board will be replaced within a year. PPG Paints Arena has had the same video board since it opened in 2010, which is a long time ago to upgrade when a hockey and arena team is in the business.

The athlete hinted “OVG360, which has treated the new Seattle Kraken arena to a high degree, may also improve the gaming entertainment experience by adding new snowboard shows as part of pre-entertainment to real-time information available for fans to watch on mobile devices with 5G capabilities.”

OVG360 is also tasked with bringing in more concerts and shows and filling the building in more days, which will also help FSG (and the penguins) financially profitable. PPG Paints occupied approximately 160 non-penguin related events annually prior to the pandemic, leaving the door open for many, many open nights.

There may also be benefits on ice from the impact of new ownership decisions and investments as well. Rob Rossi also wrote:

the athlete I’ve learned that investing in top-tier technology to leverage next-generation NHL statistics to benefit those in the arena’s hockey operations and entertainment departments is a priority as identified by the FSG’s ongoing comprehensive assessment of the Penguins.

The other FSG teams, the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool, are known to be very forward-thinking in their respective sports in the field of collecting and using sports data to analyze and improve performance on the field. For years now, areas such as GPS tracking and other technologies have been on the verge of making an appearance in hockey, and likely will be soon. The pens are expected to be positioned by the philosophies of proprietary to be at the forefront of these technologies.

Of course, the pens will continue to evolve under their new ownership. While it is human nature to resist or fear change, FSG appears to be preparing and working to invest in personnel, technology and management strategies to improve pens and the game day experience for the masses.

It was inevitable that over time the penguins would experience changes and feel the impact of running in the direction the new ownership group wanted to go, and these off-season signs have already emerged to make this right. Fans are bound to notice this too in a big way if they get a better video board when going to the arena.