The ratings of Rangers Offseason includes second place

The New York Rangers are drafting off-season plans that will include decisions on suspended unencumbered agents who have played big roles as they move into the Eastern Conference final and younger players who may be ready for bigger roles.

General Manager: “We’re taking a deep dive now and looking back” Chris Drury Wed said. “It’s still new, but we’ll do everything we can to be better and get back in the qualifiers.”

The Rangers season ended with a 2-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game Six of the Conference Final at Amalie Arena on June 11. The biggest question early in the off-season is who will be second behind them. Mika Zibanjad.

Ryan Strom He has been in this role for the past three seasons, playing with the left winger Artemi Banarin. Rangers got Andrew Cope From the Winnipeg Jets on March 21, and although Cobb would prefer to be centered, he was the right winger on that streak.

Strom and Cobb are potential UFAs, along with forwards Kevin RooneyAnd the Tyler MuttAnd the Frank Vatrano And the Greg McCaigand defenseman Justin Brown.

Drury hasn’t held back any of their chances of a comeback, saying he’s not talking about contract negotiations.

Strom said on Monday his preference is to re-sign with Rangers. He has 195 points (71 goals, 124 assists) in 263 games, including 54 points (21 goals, 33 assists) in 74 games this season, since being acquired in a deal with Edmonton Oilers on November 16, 2018.

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“Ryan is a great guy and a great player,” Drury said. “He definitely made a home here. We’re excited that he wants to be here. We think his world is in and out of ice.”

Cobb said he will have further discussions with Drury and coach Gerard Gallant about a long-term role, noting the interest in a four-to-five-year contract, while adding that he likes the direction Rangers are heading and feels there is work to be done. He loses to lightning. He had 18 points (eight goals, 10 assists) in 16 regular season games for New York and 14 points (six goals, eight assists) in 20 Stanley Cup games.

“He coped very well,” Drury said. “He’s a multi-talented player. He can. [play] Both wings and center. This is a good thing with any assortment. We are excited about the work he was able to come and do. We’ll find out what’s next here soon in the off-season.”

Philippe Shettel is also a potential fit as a second place finisher after the 22-year-old had a solid post-season performance as a third streak, at times between the 20s. Alexis Lavrinier and 21 years old kabo kaku. It became known as the “Children’s Line”.

Chettel scored seven goals in 20 play-off games, having scored eight goals in 67 regular season games.

“It was definitely a big step for Phil,” Drury said. “He definitely showed us a different level.”

Drury said he feels the same way about Lafrinier, the 2020 National Hockey League number one, who next season may move to the right wing to play with the top six attacking group on a permanent basis after playing his first two seasons on the left. wing. Lavrinier scored nine points (two goals and seven assists) in 20 play-offs. He had 31 points (19 goals, 12 assists) in 79 regular season games.

“If he ends up playing on the right in the top six, I think we’d be a good team,” Drury said.

Kakko, the suspended free agent, will likely be the Rangers’ top six right winger to start next season even though he’s been a healthy scratch for a 6 against Lightning. Drori said he had a good chat with Kakko before he flew back home to Finland on Tuesday.

“There is clearly a lot of faith from me and the staff in what the future holds for him,” Drury said.

Kakko said on Monday that scratching would be his motivation.

“I want to show that I’m better than that, just like you have to put me in the squad, I’m a good player,” Kaku said. “I will be a better player when I come back here next season.”

Rangers also have to determine if there is a fit for the attacker Vitaly Kravtsov, who signed a one-year contract on Monday after playing this season in the Continental Hockey League. No. 9 in the 2018 NHL Draft was selected by Rangers to Traktor after he did not make the NHL roster out of training camp. He had 13 points (six goals and seven assists) in 19 domestic league matches.

“I don’t think we wavered in our position that he’s a global talent,” Drury said. “We are excited for him to be back and to be part of the group.”