Thomas Markle says he did not plan to see Meghan Markle, Harry in the UK

  • Thomas Markle told Insider he has no plans to meet Meghan on the Queen’s jubilee.
  • Thomas was due to travel to London in June but was unable to attend after suffering a stroke in May.
  • He told Insider he is still recovering.

Father of the Duchess of Sussex Thomas Markle He told Insider he had no plans to reunite her in London earlier in June.

Thomas, 77, was supposed to travel to the UK for The platinum jubilee of Queen ElizabethWhich Meghan and Prince Harry attended Along with other members of the royal family. But Thomas was He was hospitalized after suffering a stroke in May and had to miss the festivities as he recovers at home.

“I had a stroke and was unable to attend the jubilee and I am still recovering, but I intended to come and pay my respects to the Queen, members of the royal family and the British people,” Thomas said in a joint statement. with the insider.

He later added in the statement: “Dan Wootton, Mrs C and other friends in Britain have invited me to Jubilee, and I was not planning to see my daughter and Harry.”

Thomas was scheduled to appear on a TV special With journalist Dan Wootton on GB News during the Queen’s Jubilee, Wootton wrote in an article for the Mail Online in May. He was also invited to reside in the TV personality and author Mrs. Colin Campbell’s houseStephanie Takei reports from the Daily Mail at Castle Goring in West Sussex.

Thomas released the statement in response to a request for comment after an Insider interview with Thomas’ YouTube partner, Carl Larsen. Husband co-founded great friendship The channel earlier this year, which had more than 18,000 followers on Wednesday.

Karl Larsen and Thomas Markle

Karl Larsen and Thomas Markle refer to a photo of Meghan and Thomas.

Carl Larsen.

Speaking to Insider after Jubilee, Larsen said he attended several events including color forces With his wife and son. Larsen said Thomas did not share with him what his plans would have been, had he been well enough to visit London.

He said he didn’t think Thomas would have reconciled with Megan, who is he She hasn’t spoken to her since before her wedding in 2018.

“Well, no, because that’s the thing. You know and I know, when you go there… if Thomas had just come with me [to the Jubilee]99% of people never recognize it,” Larsen told Insider.

He added, “They would never do that. I don’t think so, you might think so.”

Thomas told Insider that he broke off his relationship with Larsen since their last YouTube episode was recorded. Speaking to Insider by phone, Thomas’ son, Thomas Markle Jr., said he was unhappy with Larsen for speaking on his father’s behalf.

Thomas said in Youtube video Posted on May 21 that he arranged his visit to London before The Sussexes announced that they will attend.

“I don’t think we’ll bump into each other, I don’t think we’ll go to the same places, but I’m sure there will be times when there will be looks between me and my daughter and our son-in-law, and we just have to play it by ear,” Thomas said in the video.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend a service to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex leave after the Thanksgiving service during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II at St Paul’s Cathedral in London on June 3, 202.

AP Photo / Matt Dunham

Harry and Meghan keep low profile In Jubilee, he only attended a few public events including Thanksgiving service At St Paul’s Cathedral on June 3, which was their first joint appearance in the UK since their step back in 2020. They watched Trooping the Color on June 2 but did not greet fans on the balcony, according to Queen’s request For only senior royals to do so.

Representatives for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.