Warriors are designed to win in the long run. Can they pay for it?

The Warriors top the NBA once again.

This state of affairs, unimaginable for this organization, became so common that striker Draymond Green dubbed the NBA Finals “Warriors Invitational” Thursday night after his fourth Golden State title — and his sixth appearance on the Championship Tour — in eight years. .

Since this year’s Warriors tournament was unexpected, every reason will be given between now and next June as to why Dubs won one title.

But there’s no reason to believe the Dubs can’t win again next year.

“I feel like we’re going to be even better next year,” Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins said on Saturday.

He might be right.

Let’s start with the startling but verifiable fact that when Green, Klay Thompson, and Steph Curry start every game in a playoff series, the Warriors never lose.

Nope, not a single chain.

This is a race going back to the 2015 qualifiers. Until that streak ends, it would be reckless to pick the Warriors.

With the core of such a veteran team, an impressive young core and Wiggins emerging as one of the NBA’s top wingers, the Warriors are built to succeed, not just for the next year, but for many years to come.

However, while the Warriors are built for lasting success, building in the Gulf is expensive and prices continue to rise.

How the Warriors handle this upcoming season will go a long way to determining if they can turn back or slip back into the pack.

The biggest obstacle to repeating Warriors as champions next year is green. No, not the player – I’m talking about hard, cold cash.

Warriors seem to have endless money, but we may be nearing the time when we find the limit. They will likely set an NBA record on payroll next season – up from $350 million this season – and that will be the case even if they don’t bring everyone back from that championship team.

As of today, Golden State has far exceeded the NBA’s minimum luxury tax threshold with contracts already on the books for next season. They’re so deep into taxes that they’ll likely have to pay a $6 premium on every $1 they spend in this off-season.

So buy all the hats, shirts, and title ornaments you can find, warrior lovers. Joe Lacob, CEO of Warriors, will rely on that additional revenue to keep this squad together.

Carrie, Greene, and Thompson have been locked up for a few years now – no need to worry there.

But there’s good reason Wiggins and Jordan Paul filmed a video in the Warriors locker room after the title was decided as they announced they were about to “get a bag”.

From money, that is.

And they are not wrong.